Only Rajni can do this!

Only Rajni can dance at a place which is a desert amidst an area of high rainfall.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park – This is a name that I had never heard of until today. I happened to watch the Rajnikanth starrer Enthiran recently and was amazed with the songs and their respective locations. Rajnikanth romances Aishwarya in this large desert-like area in the beginning. The song titled Kaadal Annukal is also one of my favourites. As I watched the video I happened to wonder where this was shot. I know a couple of others who also wondered about the same. Well, I saw another Kannada film recently and I thought it was shot in the same location. So I happened to google it to find out more.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Now, FYI – Wikipedia says the song was shot in Lencois Maranhenses National Park (Brazil). The area is extensive and is apparently predominated by sand dunes. The park is relatively new (created in 1981). Now here is what I thought was interesting. As I was reading up on Wikipedia, it said, the land appears like a desert because of the large sand dunes. However, it isn’t actually a desert. Considering the fact that it lies near the Amazon basin, the region receives good rainfall. There is one peculiar phenomenon that follows post the rainfall. Fresh water collects between the sand dunes creating large blue and green lagoons all across the desert.

Rajni in Enthiran
Rajni in Enthiran

Well, the fact that Rajni’s song was shot here is something that added to my muse. Rajni defies all laws of nature. I thought this was perfect for him. Perfect Rajni location!! Hats off to the team that went on the recce and finalised on this. For me, it’s quite interesting! When I first saw the song, I thought probably this was a set or some graphics or some other gimmick. Well, I was wrong. It was just Rajni!!

The place looks brilliant. Aishwarya looked sensuous. And Rajni, yes, he had his trademark walk across the desert that made me whistle and bow down to the superstar!!

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