Chili’s – You might want to drop in

I have been wanting to visit Chili’s ever since I read about it opening in the city. And yes, I finally made it this week with a group of friends. Before I went in, all I knew was it was a famous American chain. Period. Now it was time to experiment.

Even before we entered the main restaurant area we were asked about our meal preference by a gentleman at the lobby – vegetarian / non- vegetarian. An appropriate menu was then handed over accordingly. The staff, courteous and welcoming, greeted us with warm smiles and guided us to our seats. Everything looked just fine. The ambience was something you would take a second look at, to ensure that you have not missed any of it. Primarily red in colour, I found the interiors interesting.

Soon, along with glasses of water came this light green chilli in a small red bowl coated with some sort of dressing. It tasted as interesting as it looked. By then I was overwhelmed by the restaurant and was wondering what took me so long to visit this place. Opened the men; found it even better. A good number of cocktails and mocktails impressed me. I ordered my drink and so did everyone else.

The Chilli that welcomed us!
The Chilli that welcomed us!

As I flipped over, I had my first moment of disappointment or rather concern. The place seemed expensive. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop me from ordering. I’m sure the menu was Indianized in a lot of ways. The vegetarian section primarily had paneer and cheese. Surprisingly, there was no potato skins, or any other stand alone potato dish. Since I am a vegetarian, I ended up picking the safest bet – A vegetarian triple play (combo sort of a dish that would put 3 starters together). At the table, we had also ordered a lot more – Non-veg triple play, chicken wings, onion string with pepper dressing and cheese sticks.

By the time we placed our order, we had our drinks in front of us. Served in fancy, large and stylish glasses they all looked fabulous. Some of them tasted yummy while the others were ordinary. What I liked best was this mocktail named Evolution – a pineapple and passion fruit based drink.


The starters arrived on the table one after the other. Well, they all looked delicious. To my disappointment I did not like the veg food. Paneer Bites tasted like a wannabe piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Cheese stick was too cheesy, rubbery and oily. Nothing was impressive. The quantity though was large. One starter could serve as a main course if it was to be had by just one person. Since most of us at the table had no clue about the quantity, each of us ordered our main course – fajitas, pasta, quesadilla, sandwiches and salads. The only dish worth mentioning is the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich.

Triple Play
Triple Play

Moving on to desserts; the menu had large pictures of yummy desserts. I was so confused on which one to pick. The most presentable and tempting one was the molten chocolate cake. It was this large chocolate cake with molten chocolate inside topped with a dollop on of vanilla ice-cream coated with rich frozen chocolate syrup. Well, that was to be brought to the table. And, my oh my, it did look that good. All that was running in my mind was that I had to click a picture of this fabulous dessert before anyone pounced on it. And once I started eating, it was such a let-down. The molten, was not really molten. I don’t know why, but it really was a big disappointment.

Molten Chocolate Cake
Molten Chocolate Cake

Well, then was the time to clear the bill and there was this huge hole in the pocket. My advice – be careful of what you order and how much you order. One main course can easily be split by two. The desserts are not very satisfying. The best bet there would be their range of beverages. But, it’s worth a visit.

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