Mylari – Gurukiran’s comeback?

A few days ago I heard a track of Shivraj Kumar’s upcoming Kannada film, Mylari on radio and loved it. I rushed to listen to the other songs online. My father and me always wanted to pick up a copy of the CD only because we wanted to listen to Gurukiran, the music director of this film. I have secrectly been hoping that this would be his comeback into the industry. Once I heard the tracks I was quite impressed. Gurukiran has managed to give the people a few more tracks to rejoice. However, I could not help notice a few things, the most important being it’s similarities to Gurukiran’s own work in the past.

Shivraj Kumar in Mylari

Well, he has a few people who always sing for him, so when that is coupled with his kind of music, it is bound to sound similar. That was not all. Most of them would agree with me if I say that Gurukiran’s music always has tracks that sound similar to Bollywood music or International at times. The tunes seem familiar. But, he has his own signature on each.

The track Jaginakka starts off with this ‘hip-hop’ style and then moves to praising Mahadeshwara. Well, the music’s done well. Its singer, Shankar Mahadevan, has another track to perform at his concerts in Karnataka. The track is surely going to exhibit Shivraj Kumar dancing abilities. But then when I concentrated on the lyrics, it was similar to the Mahadesa track in Jogi.

I then moved to the next, Sukumari. This amazed me. It had Udit Narayan singing in his usual style. The track is so like a 90s Ravichandran song. It may even pass off for being inspired by any of the popular 90’s Hindi track. I could instantly visualize Anil Kapoor performing to it! This must be because of Udit Narayan’s voice! I don’t know. I suggest you listen to it once to relive those days!

Then came Langa Davani. I saw on the site that this was sung by Gurukiran. Somehow, the first few seconds reminded me of one Gurukiran’s first hits – MTV Subbulakshmi. The track had good beats and I know Gurukiran is going to have a great high while performing this on stage. The lyrics however was ordinary. It just spoke of how modern girls have come of age – a very Upendra feeling. That must probably be why I drew similarities to MTV Subbulakshmi. However, Upendra’s songs would usually be written by Upendra himself and they had something strange in them. They would instantly grab your attention with the kind of parallel’s he would suggest. This one does not have that quality. It’s just the Upendra feeling on the onset. Since I have done a couple of shows with Gurukiran, I can imagine how he’s going to sing this on stage – black shirt, black leather pants, a microphone, and yes, he would give it his best when he says, ‘Ket Hodrappa Pyeti Hudugiru’. Oh yes, there would be backup dancers as well adding to his performance.


Ghallu Ghallenutha came next. Initial sound of Gejje made me think again of Gurukiran’s Ra Ra. Soon I realised this was inspired by the folk song Gejje Gallu Gallenutha. One song like this had to be there! Again, this made me draw similarities between the track that he composed for Jogi  – Yello Jogappa. But then again, I’m not complaining. I quite liked all the tracks so far. They were all worth the while.

Then came the song that made me say, ‘Yes, Gurukiran is back!’ Bitbide is a track that everyone is going to love. Kailash Kher’s contribution is something that is worth mentioning. I heard it at least 5 times that day. Everything about the track is nice – the music, the lyrics, the choice of singer and the emotion that is brought out. I somehow thought that this song would replace Beduvanu Vara Vannu from Jogi. Though the emotions are different I somehow feel that this will be played as a background track multiple times. All I have to do is wait and watch.

Finally there was Mylapura Mylari – another of my favourites. This song practically gives away the basic story of the film. It tells you that Mylari came from a village to Bangalore and then has been engulfed by the rowdyism culture that exists in the city. Well, again, I saw similarities with Jogi, this time, more with the story line. The song has peppy beats and has been sung beautifully by Puneeth Rajkumar.

Another one from Mylari
Another one from Mylari

All in all, Mylari to me was like a reflection of Gurukiran’s work done in the past. However, each one has some amount of freshness to it. I would still say every track is hummable and nice. And I am sure the music is going to do well. Here is an article that says that the audio is already creating waves.

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