Popsies used to be a common hangout while I was studying at Christ College. A quick Chinese meal was always a special one for us Christites and Popsies had its own charm.  Dim lit interiors, bamboo seating, back lit paintings hanging from the ceiling and interesting tables made it a ‘cool lunch hangout’. However, years after college, Popsies is still one of my favourite Chinese eateries in Bangalore.

Primary clientele at Popsies has always been the youth of the city; particularly college goes in and around Koramangala. From soups to momos to their main course – it’s all simple and delicious. A wide variety of soups will make you wonder which one to pick. I normally go for the Wanton Soup, out of pure greed. I love wantons and cannot pick between that and their momos for starters. Hence, this always seems like a good and stomach filling alternative. What you should try here, is Thupka. A sort of soup-cum-main course introduced to me by an Assamese friend of mine in college.

Wonton Soup

When Popsies opened up their USP I think was their momos. Steamed and deep fried variants of various combinations were available. My favourite has always been the Schezwan Deep Fried Momo. Among other starters, you can try chicken lollipop, chilli crispy vegetables, golden fried babycorn, a variety of crab and chicken wings. I however will have to go by what my friend’s say when it comes to non vegetarian food as I don’t eat meat.

Schezwan Momos

Well, if that has not filled your stomach by now and you decide to order some main course then there again you have a lot to choose from. I am pretty loyal to what I like. It so happens that when I am at Popsies I do not look into the menu. I just know what I want. If I’m ordering main course there has to be Triple Schezwan Noodles – a combination of spicy fried rice, soft and crisp noodles. It’s ideally the best pick as it keeps your taste buds constantly engaged in relishing multiple textures or layers of food at one point. A well blended combination; this has been my favourite for over 5 years now. If I am with a large group and there is an opportunity for me to pick one more, then it is their Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with a Gobi Manchurian gravy or Vegetable Balls in Hot Garlic Sauce. Mind you, if you order Triple Schezwan then there is no need to accompany it with any gravy. It is self sufficient.

If you manage to finish all of this then I am sure there would be no space for deserts. Frankly speaking, I don’t even know if Popsies serves any as I have never been able to finish a starter and a main course at any point. The quantity is fairly large and the pricing is reasonable. A soup, starter and main course meal for 3 people should comfortably account to not more than Rs. 650. At the end of your meal, I am quite confident that you will want to go back there again.

The Chinese food at Popsies is different, interesting and most importantly satisfyingly delicious.

P.S: During their initial days, they had an additional reason for me hanging out there. Dates back to the time when Hutch had just launched its television campaign with the famous pug. Finding a pug in Koramangala was a rarity. The owner of Popsies had bought a puppy for himself and loved it so much that he would bring the pug along whenever he was at the restaurant. It was one naughty and cute pup. The thought of going to Popsies always has made me smile.

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