Flavours of Bangalore

Bangalore has always offered great food to its residents. It’s a city that is accommodating and competitive in every sector. The restaurants of the city are the same as well. On one hand we have specialty and themed restaurants that open every now and then and on the other are these age old restaurants that have become household names (among the houses of the actual residents of the city). This write-up is dedicated to all those old eateries that people of the city would enjoy (at least the ones I remember)


  • Dosa Joints

1)      MTR on Lalbagh Road – Masala Dosas served with chutney and an additional tiny cup of ghee is still a hot spot among the residents



MTR's Dosa and ghee



2)      Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan – Again, known for their super crispy, bright and tasty dosas, USKB is a favourite among most of the city dwellers. A Sunday breakfast place, the restaurant stands tall in Balepete even today and is loved by many



The Dosa at USKB



3)      Vidhyarthi Bhavan – Located in Gandhi Bazaar this used to be a must visit for anyone who would visit the city. I am not sure if youngsters would want to visit the place now as they have not really evolved with times

4)      Central Tiffin Room – CTR in Malleshwaram, later known as Sree Sagar used to be one of my favourite joints. I know that they shut down 6 months ago for renovation. Not really sure if they have reopened.

5)      Dwaraka –  A place that serves excellent Khaali Dosas near the Basavangudi-Gandhi Bazaar area. Their soft and fluffy dosas just melt in your mouth! (yes, do relish it with the butter they serve)


  • Idlis!!!

1)      SN Refreshments – Located in JP Nagar, this is by far one of my favourite Idli hotels in the city. Go on a Sunday morning and you will get annoyed making your way through the crowd in this self service restaurant. But trust me you will love the taste of their idli.  Sllluuurrrpppp.. If you are a Mangalorean, then bring those idlis home and have them with some coconut oil. They are beyond delicious

SN Refreshments



2)      Veena Stores – Located in Malleshwaram, a lot of people call it as the Idli Hotel. I have not been there in a while now and as I’m typing this I’m salivating for some yummy Veena Stores Idli.


Veena Stores



3)      Brahmins’ Coffee Bar – Again, a typical Idli Hotel, they have recently had a minor make over. Else, you would be amazed at how they would manage to keep a count of how much each one has eaten. A brilliant brilliant brilliant place near Shankar Matt

Brahmins Coffee Bar



4)      Raghavendra Bhavan – I’m sure most of us would not have visited this place purely because of its location. If you ever visit Chikpet (Gundopanth Street) then make sure you step in there and taste their Idlis!


  • Sweets!!!!!!!

1)      Sri Venkateshwara Sweets – My favourite Mysore Pak place in the city. Yes, I also love most of their sweets. If you go to Gandhi  Bazaar then make sure you visit the place and pack some! You will also see USKB above the same and you will not be able to resist the temptation of grabbing a bite of the delicious dosa


2)      Gundappa’s Sweets – I have personally never visited their store but have always eaten what my father used to get from there. You must try some of their sweets like Trimurthi

3)      Priyadarshini Sweets (Located inside Hotel Priyadarshini of Ramkrishna Lodge) in Majestic is one of my favourite Jalebi place in Old Bangalore. If you go around 1 pm you will be able to pick up hot and freshly made jaliebis and you will surely love them

4)      Food Street – Sweets on the roadside excite me especially if they were to be had from VV Puram. Bele Obbatu, Kai Obbatu, Gulaan Jamuns, Rabadi, Basundi and so many more. Yummmy!!

5)      Bhagatram Sweets – I might have spelt it wrong. But yes, their Dumroot and Jamoon used to be must haves while on Commercial Street


  • Sweets that I love from here

1)      Dumroot – A combination of carrot and pumpkin halwa, its brilliant when you get the slight brunt taste.




2)      Jamoon – I still get confused over how one should actually spell this. But yes, the jamoons that I eat at MTR, USKB and Bhagatram are amazing


Jamoon - USKB
MTR - Jamoon



3)      Bele Obbatu that is made fresh at Food Street and at most households during festivals. Oh, forget the diet when you are tasting this. Make sure you pour enough ghee to make this yummier

4)      Peni and Chiroti – Again, a rarity these days, if had with yummy badaam milk, they taste awesome




5)      Chandrahaara – I used to enjoy the chandrahaara that is available at MTR. However, these days I somehow cannot manage to finish one! Super heavy but a must have if you happen to be in the city

6)      Badaam Halwa – The Badaam Halwa at USKB ranks Number 1 in my list and is a serious MUST have!


Badaam Halwa



So these were things that I grew up on! I still enjoy eating them. Trips to USKB and MTR are a must at least once a month.  SN is just next to home so it’s like a joint where dad and me will go to have a by-two coffee, idli and wada!!


I am not really sure how many of the cosmopolitan crowd would appreciate the dosas of the city mostly because they are rich in content. They are loaded with ghee and might not be easy to consume! While I see an outsider struggle eating this, I always think from within – One cannot just eat them. One needs to have the right kind of taste buds!! Stupid, but true!


I am sure I would have missed out on a lot. Please feel free to add to this list!!


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5 thoughts on “Flavours of Bangalore

  1. Mean after reading this I m so hungry….. Nice places.. I would also recommend the dosa center in Jayanagar 4th block… and thate idlis and kempu chutney from commercial street shetty shop….


  2. I agree with you Avinash! I should have included the Dosa Camp (Ganesh Darshan). If you see, I have even missed out on all the coffee joints in the city. That’s going to be a new write up


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