A firefly is expected to brighten up the surroundings and spread joy. A creature that is not so beautiful during the day looks stunningly gorgeous at night. Well, this is my story about another firefly. This one though is a place that brightens up ones spirit by serving delicious food.


Fireflies, located on Lavelle Road is a seafood and grill joint that is spread across 2 levels. The one on the lower level is a plush and swell find dining place, ideal for a good and cozy romantic dinner. The next one is an open air lounge kinda area – just right to set in the mood to unwind and help you refresh.


The fine dining area



I had checked their website out some time ago and always wanted to go there. My friends are huge fans of seafood and I knew they would also want to visit. It was one of their birthdays and this was on ‘top of mind recall’ for me. The plan was made.


The lounge


We went there while the SA V/S NZ match was on. They had put up a screen for the interested. The seating was casual to go along with the mood of creating a lounge bar – not very high neither low. Just right to make you feel you are not at a very ‘formal-formal’ place. We were given 3 menus – 1 for beverages, another for short eats and finally, one for the main course.


Fireflies has a huge drinks menu – a great choice of cocktails and a decent one for non-alcoholic drinks. We ordered quite a few. There was Pinky Hot Lips (Pinky Vodka coupled with something), White Russian (A mellow liqueur kind of drink), a mint and lime based mocktail and a couple others. All of them lived up to our expectation.


Prawn Wraps


For starters we had prawns wraps(which were ok), a particular dish called jerk chicken, cajun potatoes and a margarita pizza. The jerk chicken was apparently mind blowing. Initially, when I had the potato I didn’t quite find a difference between this and a normal French fries. But the dip that was given with it was what made the difference. It was truly yummy. They have that large furnace type place to make wood fresh pizzas as they call it. It was nice. I mean, it’s a thin crust margarita and you cannot possibly go wrong with it. I should however add that the quality of cheese use was great. It gave the pizza a different flavor that made it very appealing.  My friends also asked for buffalo wings which was average.


By now none of us had any space to accommodate anything else. We had the birthday cake to attack. Hence we chose to call for the cheque. It was indeed a great relaxing and stomach filling dinner. I would give it a thumbs up and advice you to make a trip to the place if you have not been there as yet.


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