Warning: This write up is not as much about Singham as it is about Prakash Rai.


I tried to hold back from writing about Singham for a while and I wonder why. It’s strange how sometimes you don’t want to talk a lot about what you love. It was just that. Prakash Rai at his best and I didn’t write about it surely translates to just that. Singham,  is a must watch for people who are unaware of Prakash Rai’s potential. He, according to me, is one of the finest actors of the country at the moment. Yes, you don’t receive National Awards without a reason!


Again, the original appealed more. Surya has surely rendered a better perspective to the lead role. The plot was better there at various points. Stunts were obviously more beleivable. But this is not about the Tamil film. Let’s talk about Rohit Shetty’s Singham. Yes, the director brings in his own style of stunts which leave you wondering if a certain wing of Bollywood is still stuck in limbo while the rest of it is coming of age. But that apart, Ajay Devgan does impress you eventually. I remembering laughing at the Lady Gaga inspired dance move earlier. But yes, it fits in well. Kajal Agarwal is surely a fresh face that the Hindi audience will like. However, she is not close to her best in the film. She can and will do better if left in better hands. But yes, she looks gorgeous in her huge wardrobe of  salwar kameezes. I am sure a lot of women would want to lay their hands on one. Simple, pretty and lady like. That’s Kajal for you in the film. Her character however supports the lead who is her love interest at all points. Pretty much like a much desired girlfriend.


Dialogues are a highlight of the film. Overall, it’s a decent film. If only Rohit Shetty could restrict himself to overdoing the stunts, it would have made a great film, much like the Surya starrer. Now let me get to writing what I have been waiting to write:


Singham for me is an out and out Prakash Rai film. I have watched it twice until now and I don’t know how many more times will I head to the screens. Prakash Rai on big screen – Ooo la la!!! It’s simply awesome. Just does it for me. I missed the start the first time. The next time, I was at the hall with my dad and since both of us are die hard Prakash Rai fans, when they first show a back shot of him we both whistled. I was surrounded by hindi speaking boys who gave me a look wondering if I was crazy. I just wanted to tell them, ‘wait and watch and you will exactly know why I was jumping with joy’. I’m sure, by the end of the film they knew it! Every time, he would challenge Ajay Devgan, I couldn’t hold back from clapping, whistling and exclaiming, ‘Shettara makkal gattu’ (a saying that most people in South Canara would relate to). He oozes with confidence which over powers his South ascent. He’s absolutely brilliant through out the film and yes, he is seen in white in most of the film! What hotness!

Do watch Singham just for Prakash Rai and you will be amazed at how awesome he is. He will never ever let you down. Later, google for him and see what he has done. Yes, when you google, you might want to spell his name as Parakash Raj as he uses that as his screen name for languages other than Kannada. But for me, he is and will always be Prakash Rai. Write back to me once you watched the film!


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