I have been wanting to write about Gramin (Koramangala) for a while now. I am sure most of you would have visited the place at least once. If you have not, then You Should. I am not sure about how old the place is but I remember that it opened up when I was still living in Koramangala; which makes it easily 9 years old. Serving Rajasthani vegetarian food, Gramin has managed to create a loyal clientele for itself over time. Else, surviving in a place like a Koramangala for so long is next to impossible.


Rustic in nature, low seating, tiny tables, earthy colours, copper cutlery and interesting menu is what makes Gramin one of my favourite vegetarian hang outs. I used to frequent the place years ago, especially when in college. I am a huge fan of their lunch thalis. The thali had everything essential and was affordable as a college student. I revisited Gramin recently and was surprised that the quality had not deteriorated.


The menu is extensive and the usual non vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised at the variety available there. Like how kids would fight and disagree with sharing their food, we were also labeling each dish as ‘Mine’. Sunny for once wanted potatoes, Abhishek paneer, Kiran asked for gobi and me bhindi. So, there we were 4 starters – Bhindi Rajasthani, Paneer Tikka, Aloo Chatpata and Chatka Gobi. The steward there warned us that we were over assuming the capacity of our stomachs! I have been a fan of their bhindi for a while now. However, the boys did not like it much. It’s basically think strips of bhindi batter fried with a dash of lemon. The gobi was awesome. It was probably the best – crispy, spicy and not too oily. The potatoes too were good. Unlike any usual potato dish it had a good amount of garlic which gave it a great flavor. The paneer was not special, but good nevertheless.



We had also asked for Kesar Lassi, Fresh Lime Soda, Buttemilk and Nimbu Shikanji. We spent a decent amount of our time appreciating the gobi and were just glad that we ordered that. For main course, we ordered Roti, Dal, Paneer Salan, Jeera Aloo and a tomato based gravy. Plus yes, there was the Gramin Biryani which I was craving to have. I must say, I love the biryani. Though I never finish it I always order irrespective of how much space there is in the stomach. The aloo was tasty and so was the paneer.


I was the only one who ventured into eating a dessert! I had to have their Gulab Jamuns. At the end of the meal, I was a satisfied soul. I must mention that their rates are very affordable and the quality is great.


Next time you are around Koramangala, then do give it a try. It’s vegetarian. But it’s mouth watering!


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