Rockstar, to me, is a movie that will go down history as one of Ranbir Kapoor’s best! Recognition is something that is surely due to the entire team of Rockstar. A movie, so beautifully made, that it leaves you awe-struck.

It’s 2 am in the morning. Droopy eyes and a super tired body of mine are hinting that I should probably hit the bed. But after watching such a brilliant piece of art, I cannot hold myself back. With a glass of Gold Coin Apple Juice beside me and my up- and –barking dogs, I have decided that I have to pen down my thoughts  about the film.


This is probably one film that did not reveal much in the promos. Well, being a part of what I call the typical Indian audience I seriously did not think that the movie could have so many unexpected, raw and conflicting thoughts to narrate. I went in thinking it would be the story of a usual rockstar who shoots to fame and then loses it to drugs, alcohol and love. Well, Rockstar was way above all of that.


From the very first instance, I fell in love with the team of Rockstar. Ever before the movie could begin, they had a tribute portrait of the Shammi Kapoor. I don’t know what the artwork had, but it just set expectation high. I am soon going to Google and take a relook at that to make me understand what made me fall in love with it. The first few minutes of the film assured me that I was completely wrong. Subtle and yet a very powerful way of introducing the lead character was surely the key to my change in opinion. From then on, the movie only got better and better.


For me, the movie is a beautiful blend of great music (need I say by A.R. Rahman), powerful acting by its lead actor Ranbir Kapoor, intelligent screenplay and direction by Imtiaz Ali, masterstrokes by ace cinematographer Anil Mehta and a great team effort. I guess, the leading lady, Nargis Fakhri, is made to remain in the minds of the audience as that pristine beauty having great powers of wrecking mankind. Her acting skills are, probably, intentionally are not harnessed as much, as the focus of the film is the rockstar. At various points in time, she did remind me of an early Katrina Kaif. Coincidentally, during the interval, the ‘Aamsutra’ ad featured and my opinion just got stronger. It’s not fair to judge her performance beyond this.


Rockstar is not for the aam junta that would expect good costumes, good make-up and yes, dancing around the trees. It’s for the ones who would love cinema for its technique, intelligence and craft. It’s an effort that is so beautiful that it leaves you pondering over certain symbolisms.


I don’t know if my review should focus on Ranbir’s acting or the director’s touch. But yes, conflicting emotions and the animal instinct inside a turmoil-struck rockstar’s heart is magnificently portrayed by Ranbir. It’s surely his best until now. I cannot pick a single flawed moment by the actor in the entire film. He has excelled in portraying each side of the character – curious, rebellious, romantic, passionate, child-like, anxious, temperamental, conscious, confused, perseverant, talented & genuine. Promptly, his looks, make-up and treatment have been well crafted to bring out the best in him.


I have to write about Shammi Kapoor’s rather brief role in the film. It probably is the best tribute that the industry could have given him. The Kashmir backdrop, tareef karoon kya track being enacted so brilliantly and yes, his very role. The aura that surrounds his face has great amount of peace and tranquility being reflected. Somehow, it went well with the character that he was playing.


The peaks of Kashmir are surely one my bucket list. The moment the peaks of Kashmir were shown, Sunny knew that I would tell him that we had to visit the place. I think the aerial shots added so much more to the place that it’s suddenly become so desirable for me!!!


A R Rahman’s music is indeed a very critical part of the film. It’s never too much and always just apt for the occasion. When it has to mellow down, it promptly does so! That’s the beauty of the master. I cannot pick one particular song and say that’s my favourite. Each of it has left some impact. I loved hearing Kavitha Krishnamurthy’s voice towards the end. It somehow transported me to the ‘Tu Hi Re’ days. I did not want to leave the hall before the last song ended. The tracks are indeed powerful. Yes, they have been well penned too. Else, I’m sure they would lose impact. Mohit Chouhan also deserves a mention for making the tracks sound soul stirring!


At last, let me move to the man who made the film. It, I guess, is also Imtiaz Ali’s best until now. Since my production days, I can say that the director’s treatment is what makes a big difference to a script. Imtiaz has proved the same. It’s the treatment that has made the film edgy, real, raw and yet, so appealing.


I rate the film a 4.5/ 5!! Make sure you watch it.

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One thought on “Rockstar

  1. Nice review. You forgot to mention about a not-so-famous genius PIYUSH MISHRA. Be it Vishal Bhardwaj movies (Maqbool) or Anurag Kashyaps’ movies (Gulaal or more recently a cameo in that girl in yellow boots), he has always excelled in acting. This movie is not an exception! I think he also  won an award as a music director for “O re duniya – Gulaal”..I don’t remember the name of that award though.. 


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