A tale of determination, victory and eventual liberation – that’s Queen for you. And central to all of this are 2 important factors, Kangana Ranaut’s performance and Amit Trivedi’s music. Well, for me she is the leading lady of the film while the music is the hero.


Queen narrates a rather depressing phase in the life of its lead character without actually having a gloomy phase. The filmmaker, Vikas Bahl has you smiling through tough times without letting the grief overwhelm your experience. Everything is just right and nothing really is exaggerated – be it the cultural stereotypes, the misadventures of a first time foreign tourist, the hippie friends, the pre-wedding preparations or the societal stigma attached with marriage in India.  This I think is Vikas Bahl’s biggest achievement through the film.  The film is very representative of the general public yet very subtle.


The support cast of the film helps it sail through without glitches. This proves, language can never be a barrier for performances. Again, one would find stereotyping in characters and the respective chosen cast. However, none of these seem like a force fit. Everyone just gets into their respective skins so well that it almost seems natural. I can vouch by most women and say that at most points of the film one would love Kangana, hate Rajkumar and so want to be Lisa Haydon.


Yes, Kangana’s character did remind me of Sridevi in English Vinglish but who really cares. What matters is that the film managed to maintain its warmth, tone and emotions at the same level and didn’t really have loose ends. Like I said before the composition of tracks by Amit Trivedi does make a huge difference. It’s adds that extra push to the entire feeling of liberation. The film is all about the socially accepted v/s socially liberated and this is clearly mirrored not just through visuals but through music. The film begins with familiar sounds of a traditional North Indian wedding scene and ends with what gives a very sweet and liberated film. It has the right punch to add to every scene.


For me, Queen is the best film of the year so far and I am hoping that it gets its due. It’s a great effort and if you haven’t watched it yet, please watch it in the halls.


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