MTR now in JP Nagar

JP Nagar has a new landmark – MTR! Yes, the very famous Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is now here. It’s plush, it’s swell and yes it’s new. What is however the same is it’s taste.

Someone had once told me that MTR would soon open above near mini forest in JP Nagar. Well, I had been waiting for it to happen since then. Every time I would walk by mini forest, I would hope to grab a bite of MTR’s dosa and coffee. That wish of mine came true on Monday. They apparently began functioning just then.

For a little more on the outlet; well it’s a part of the Kutchi Bhavan building. There are 2 distinct areas – the mezzanine floor and the roof top. The mezzanine serves coffee and snacks like sandwiches. While the roof top hosts the actual restaurant. Both my father and I love to explore new restaurants in the city. We took the lift and went up to the 5th floor. Well, what we saw amazed us. A nice ambience with tiled roof and a small empty pond like space in the centre that sort of distinguishes the seating into 2 halves. Well, this actually made me question, if it was MTR! The area could easily seat around 130 people. Widespread seating, black granite tables and very comfortable chairs was what welcomed us. The minute we sat down, I noticed something else.

Like their main hotel, this was too had the kitchen doors open. Public could see what was going on inside. The kitchen too seemed well spaced and large enough. This, I believe is a part of their tradition. Even at the old place the customers were allowed to scrutinize the kitchen. I was glad that the tradition continued. We then ordered our food – Standard order: Jamun, Dosa and Coffee. Since it was the first day, the steward told us that Jamun was not available. Well then, it was dosa and coffee.


The dosa came. It looked the same – the same shade of brown, the same style of presentation, the same aroma and yes, was accompanied by that little cup of ghee. Chutney was served in a smaller bowl. There was an addition to the dosa. They were serving sambar as well. I relished every bite of my dosa and so did my dad. It was time for coffee. Well, there were no silver cups here. Just normal mugs. Coffee was hot and good.

As we finished, I took a stroll around the place. I realised that there was another Air Conditioned are that was to be opened soon. As I walking by, I saw a familiar face chatting up with friends. Well, that was Hemamalini Maiya – the owner of the outlet. I caught up with her to know more about the outlet. Well, she said that they would serve lunch as well. Not just the lavish meal but there was a limited meal that would cater to the ones who want to grab a quick bite over lunch.

Talked a lot more and then I headed out. Happy, satisfied and yes, thrilled that I could grab a bite of this dosa more often now!

6 thoughts on “MTR now in JP Nagar

      1. Hi, where in JP nagar is this new MTR restaurant situated. Plz let me know.. If u have already been there, can u tell me what all do they serve..


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