Sundays are very special for me. Unlike most people who wake up to a lazy Sunday morning, I have a rather active and interesting one. I get up early, grab my mug of extra strong filter coffee and get ready to go to my hotel. Well, not mine indeed but my cousin’s – Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan.

Located in Balepete, this place has a lot of fond memories for me. It’s not just about the yummy dosa, coffee and jamoon. It’s a lot more. It’s about family. A few of my cousins gather every Sunday and we talk at length over so many issues – politics, golf, granite, coffee, food, journalists, KEB, etc . Every Sunday I learn something more from my brother, Subramanya Holla. He truly is a genius.

These days, however, there is a small change to the plan. We do not go to the age old Balepete outlet, but to their latest one – the Gandhi Bazaar outlet. Mid October, USKB started functioning at Gandhi Bazaar (above Venkateshwara Sweets). I remember the first Sunday was super crowded. People were waiting out for long to have their dosa. Within 10 mins of opening, the seats were all full. I went it by 10 in the morning. Until 12, dosas and coffee were still being ordered. USKB has this tradition of serving sagu-masala as their special dosa. We saw here, that most people preferred that. I was wondering if we would be able to manage. We did. And did so well. Lunch too was super hectic and packed.

The Balepete outlet
The Balepete outlet

For me, the change was good. I would normally be sitting in the office room at Balepete and looking at the CCTV while talking. Things would be clam. But here, I had a lot more to learn. I would stand near the kitchen and see how things are being managed; even help out if need be. Whenever I spend some time with my brother, I learn something new. This time around I learnt the art of frying poori. Yes, this man, at the age of 45, will still step into the kitchen if need be and make sure he is there to support his team. Such is my brother. What I always learn from him is humility.

We didn’t have many people visiting us that Sunday at Gandhi Bazaar. Just a few. Well, a noted politician happened to drop by amidst all this mayhem. We enjoyed serving him as much as we enjoyed catering to all those people who were ready to wait endlessly on a Sunday morning for their breakfast.

Well, if you like eating yummy dosas, I suggest you should drop by USKB soon. You will love the USKB experience. Hope to see some of you soon on a Sunday.

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