Gaana Bajana – Oops, why did I watch it??

Director Prashanth Raj was back with his second venture after Love Guru. The songs of Gaana Bajana were been aired on radio and television for a very long time and had become hugely popular even before the movie could release. I was immensely impressed by the songs which is why I decided to go for the movie. Yes, there was an additional reason. It was the same team of Love Guru and I had missed that one and had heard that the movie was reasonably good. Hence I didn’t want to miss this one. So, I went in with an opinion that since the songs are good, the movie should have something substantial.

It seemed fresh and different
It seemed fresh and different

From the first minute, I think the movie was a huge let down. I guess the director and script writer tried hard to seem ‘cool’ with their dialogues, casting and narration. However, I completely disliked it. A dance school, few students and a love story based around that – initially I thought this would probably be like Dil To Pagal Hai. But then, since the minute Dilip Raj entered I knew this could not be anywhere close to that. Radhe (Radhika Pandit), the female lead, is this tom-boyish character who loves dancing and is on the lookout for this macho man. Every other minute she expresses her opinion and choices by saying she would loathe a chocolate boy kind of man and would prefer the ‘rough and tough’ guy. Kuttu (Dilip Raj)kind of fits into her bill. But then there is a twist to the tale where her grandfather played by C R Simha decides that she is to marry his friend’s grandson, Krish (Tarun).

Tarun & Radhika Pandit
Tarun & Radhika Pandit

I do not usually like to disclose the plot of the film in my reviews as I do not want to steal anyone’s thunder when they would watch the movie. So I would like to limit my review of the storyline to just that. However, there are a few things that I thought deserve mention as I wonder why they even featured in the film.

CR Simha plays the role of a retired food inspector in the movie. Every dialogue of his has mention of something related to food. This I think was overdone. Sharan, who plays the role of a relative of the female lead, looks like a wannabe Jaggesh with his actions, dialogues and narration. There are various other characters in the movie whose characteristics seem to be a misfit. The director makes silly mistakes like getting a cola coloured drink being served as Pina Colada, etc.

What is worth watching are probably the songs, make up and some new kind of art direction (done by Ismail). Dilip Raj has done justice to his poorly scripted role and so has Radhika Pandit. Tarun, well, I don’t know if I his role demanded him to seem so daft or is that all what he is capable of.

Dilip Raj, Radhika Pandit & Tarun
Dilip Raj, Radhika Pandit & Tarun

If anyone is still planning on watching this movie, then please go ahead and watch it without any expectations. You might just exit the cinema hall saying, ‘it’s just about ok’. If you are someone like me who expected this to be a reasonably good and fresh film, then I’m sure you will exit the hall thinking, ‘why the hell did I judge the movie by its songs!’

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