Caffe Pascucci – Simply love it!!

I am a huge fan of filter coffee and I guess that is quite evident. I’ve experimented with coffee at various places – small and big. Every time someone tells that this Darshini serves good coffee or if there is a new coffee shop in the neighbourhood, I can’t wait to try that out. I remember seeing Cafe Pascucci on MG Road (Bangalore) about 6 months ago. But I never really went there. Somehow associated it to be one of those fancy, expensive and bad coffee shops.

One day, a friend of mine, told me that there is this place that serves great coffee in Bangalore and that I probably have not visited yet. So, I was too was curious. He quickly dialled his friend to know the name of the place and headed out to MG Road. The minute I reached the shop, I said, I didn’t know the name of this place but I had noticed it. I wonder why I had not tried it until then.

We went it and from that very minute, I was in bliss. The ambience is something that I loved. Cosy seating, bright yellow lightning and the best part was its ceiling – large mirror outlined with wood to form squares. Our friend recommended a filter coffee named Ethiopia Sidamo. We ordered it and it was simply brilliant. A plunger with piping hot black coffee was brought to our table. This was one of the finest drinks there. We also tried something to eat – gnocchi and pasta. They too were decent.

Ethiopia Sidamo
Ethiopia Sidamo

This then became our usual hangout. We would go all the way from office to MG Road to have that coffee. Soon a branch opened up in Indiranagar. Unfortunately they never had the plungers from day one. So we had to try something new, else we were very happy with out coffee. We tried this drink called Pas-ciock Freddo Cocco. Crushed ice mixed with cocoa, chocolate syrup and a dash of dessicated cocounut covering the rim of the glass – What a drink! Something everyone should try. Since that day, I have been experimenting with loads of them and have practically liked everything.

Pas-Ciock Freddo Cocco
Pas-Ciock Freddo Cocco

I would strong recommend you to try this place out. Yes, when your here do try one of these – Pas-ciock Freddo Cocco, African Nera, Confuso Scuro, Coppa Del Padrino or Fraspuccio Confuso. Don’t forget to indulgence in some eating as well – pasta or may be Potato Roasties.

Confusco Scuro
Confusco Scuro
Coppa Del Padrino
Coppa Del Padrino

You will love them. Pascucci is my favourite coffee lounge in the city. I’m sure once you try any of these coffees, you too will love the place.


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