Spoonful Of Sugar: SOS indeed!

Spoonful of Sugar – Well, the name says it all! It’s sugar in abundance. It’s ‘yumminess’ (as I like to call it), in abundance. It’s sinful, yet worth it. It truly is SOS! I wonder if any of you have been to Spoonful of Sugar in Indiranagar (Bangalore). Read on to tempt you taste buds right away!

A friend of mine liked SOS’s page on facebook and at that point I just liked their profile picture. I too went to the page and checked out their profile, their photos and a lot more. Soon, a colleague and I rushed there as we could not resist the temptation. What happened once we reached there is something I still can’t explain. I was elated, happy, stimulated with all the chocolate in my mouth and yes, I was satisfied.

SOS’s profile picture on facebook had this really tempting image. It did not specify the name. It looked like a pie that seemed to have three – four layers topped with bananas. When we went there, we hunted for something to match that. The dessert was called Banofee Pie. A crust of biscuit, a layer of slightly molten chocolate and smoother layer of toffee, some cream and the final finishing – bananas with a dash of honey on top. Yum! The first bite was heavenly. As I could grab the taste of fresh honey dipped bananas I could feel my teeth bite into the layer of cream and then the toffee slowly melting in. And as I was enjoying the smooth taste of toffee came the next textured layer of soft chocolate and then the powdery crust. The entire combination seemed just right. We had also ordered a Mud Pie. That too was brilliant.

Banofee Pie - Yummy!!
Banofee Pie - Yummy!!

This then became a ritual. I would visit SOS once every 2 weeks and treat myself to spoonfuls of sugar. I tried a lot of their other items on the menu – Fruit tart, Corn and Spinach Tart, Oreo Cookie Pie, Blueberry Cheese Cake, a raspberry and chocolate pie (can’t remember the name) and lots more. Each one of them has been good. I personally like the fruit tart a lot. It looks colourful and tastes even better. A tart with pieces of kiwi, strawberry and other fruits. Don’t know why, but this always reminds me of Christmas and makes me want to have it.

Ain't the Fruit Tart  colourful?
Ain't the Fruit Tart colourful?

This time around, I thought I would approach the owner of this place and give my readers their point of view as well. Sangeeta Damani, a young entrepreneur always had this urge in her to bake yummy cakes and pastries. She would take up orders on phones and bake them for her customers for a while. 3 years ago, she has this small apprentice stint at a bakery while she was in London. And when she returned, she started Spoonful of Sugar.

‘A lot of my regular customers wanted to have ready cakes. This means they didn’t have to order and wait; they could just drop in and have a piece. So I started off by having this small take-away counter at the same place. People liked it so much that they came back requesting for a place where they could sit down and relish the taste. This inspired me to grow from a small take-away counter to a cafe’, says Sangeeta.

Mud Pie
Mud Pie

They now are a team of about 6 people. Sangeeta still overlooks everything that is being made. She experiments with new flavours and recipes and the ones that turn out well are added to her menu. I was curious to know of their expansion plan as I wanted to know where in else in Bangalore I could grab a quick bite of their yummy pies. “We do plan to expand in a year from now. But at the moment I am concerned about quality. We are quaint and small. That has helped us in churning out fresh food and maintain quality. If we have to expand I need to get a better hang of churning out larger volumes and making sure that the quality stays the same’, adds Sangeeta.

Oreo Cookie Pie
Oreo Cookie Pie

Oreo Pie and the Blueberry Cheese Cake happen to be popular at the cafe. Well, I truly like the Oreo Pie, Banofee Pie, Mud Pie and the Fruit Tart.

Bluberry Cheesecake
Bluberry Cheesecake

If you ever want to indulge yourself in something sweet and tempting make sure you pay a visit to Spoonful of Sugar.

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