Swensen’s Bangalore – Super Slurrp!!

When I first saw a hoarding about Swensen’ s,  I had no idea if it would even be worth a visit or was it just a great job of photoshop. Over time I kept thinking about it. Finally, paid a visit to the outlet in Mantri Mall last weekend. Oh boy, it was far more delicious than what I expected it to be.

A group of 4 friends, we went in after a lot of planning. We were like ‘kids in a candy store’ (as my friend would like to phrase it). The menu was so inviting and enticing. We were literally arguing on which one we should have. Since the temptation was too much for us to resist, each of us decided to have one large sundae.

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue

The images on the menu were all colourful and tasty. We decided to order the Chocolate Fondue – 9 scoops of ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and a plate of brownies and fruits. Then, there was Sticky Chewy Chocolate that attracted my attention. I was contemplating between this and Frosted Choc Malted Fantasy. I finally liked the description of Sticky Chewy Chocolate better – sticky chewy chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate dipped cheery accompanied by a chocolate dipped wafer.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate
Sticky Chewy Chocolate

One of my friends was sure the minute he saw the menu that he wanted Ebony and Ivory. We finally placed our orders and were drooling over what everyone else was eating (At the next table there was someone who ordered a Banana Split and that was super yummy). One of us was still stuck with the menu. The fondue came first. Colourful scoops of ice cream just grabbed our attention. I personally liked the strawberry scoop. I had it with a slice of banana and some whipped cream. There was cookie and cream as well which tasted brilliant when it was dipped in chocolate.

It was time for my Sticky Chewy Chocolate. Boy, it looked great and tasted even better. What I loved the most about it was how it felt in my mouth. It was really silky and chewy. I somehow began to relish it like how I would enjoy the feeling of slightly melted chocolate as a kid. My mother would tell me that I am supposed to eat only with my mouth and not with my entire face. There would be chocolate all over. That is how I felt with every bite that I had.

Ebony and Ivory
Ebony and Ivory

The Ebony and Ivory was heavenly. We didn’t restrict ourselves to just sundaes. We tried some of their beverages as well. However, none of them are worth mentioning. They were glorified ‘Coke Floats’ or ‘Chocolate Milkshakes ’.

If you live in Bangalore, then do go to Mantri Mall and try Swensen’s out. You will love the taste and texture of their ice creams.

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