Tale of a typical Indian Middle Class family

It was a film by Habib Faisal. I don’t know how many of you would remember the name, but I can never forget it. He has written the screenplay for Salaam Namaste and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. However, I remember him for his Hindi tele – serial Lavanya. Back in 2004 I went to Mumbai and interned with a production house called Moving Picture Company where Habib Faisal and Kabir Khan (the Kabul Express man) were creative heads. Habib was then directing Lavanya. I worked on a bit of post production for that and would do small jobs like, proof reading the script. I always liked this man and I knew both of them would one day make it big. Well, Kabir’s made a mark for himself. I’m not sure about Habib Faisal.

When I heard that Do Dhooni Chaar was directed by him, I was excited and I wanted to watch it. There were other reasons as well that worked in the favour of the film – Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh!

I wanted to watch it for them!
I wanted to watch it for them!

But, my usual moving watching gang picked Khichdi over this that weekend and we never went to the cinema hall to watch it. However, one of them downloaded it and watched it later. He highly recommended the film. I normally go by his recommendations. So, I decided to watch it as well.

Do Dhooni Chaar (DDC) is a movie that any middle class Indian family could relate to. Almost everything that happens there seemed real and was mirroring the society that I live in. I still can recollect the days when my mother would handle the finance for the house and how I would fight for some money to buy something that didn’t really matter. And then, I had these upper middle class or upper class friends who would flash their funky gadgets, shoes and clothes and I would insist that I wanted it too. Consumerism and globalisation had opened various avenues for us kids, and closed many for our parents; for they would struggle in trying to make ends meet. Little did I know how it would have troubled them back then.

The family
The family

But that is all fine now. None of us think about it any longer nor have issues about it. It’s all in the family you see. This entire scenario was well scripted and brought live on screen by the team of DDC. A middle class school teacher, with an over-caring and courteous wife, 2 demanding children and yes, a typical flashy and superficial sister. It was his time for graduation. Wondering how and what? Well, he had to graduate from being this jolly good Dilli’s Scooterwala to this over burdened yet proud car owner. The movie is all about how he struggles in this exam of his.

We are family!
We are family!

It’s a tale that has various emotions mixed together. But the feeling that lingers all through is that of one happy family – a family that stays together despite all odds. It is a family that fights together when any one of them is in trouble. Well, when none of them are in trouble, they fight amongst themselves.

I cannot comment on the technicalities of the film. Not an expert at that. I just loved the concept and the way it was made. I could relate to it and I know majority of the Indian population can.  I later sat and watched this again with my father. Trust me, he too loved it. He could see himself all through the film. Actually, not just himself, I’m sure every character of the film reminded him of someone we knew. It was very very true to our lives.

If you have not watched it as yet, please go ahead and watch it.

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