Break Ke Baad – Ahem Ahem

The movie hall was filled with couples. I am sure the boyfriends were dragged into the cinema halls to catch up on a mushy film by their respective girlfreinds. Sometimes, they do not get choices! I went in thinking Break Ke Baad would be a good ‘rom-com’ and would cheer me up! Well, I think, at this point I am confused about how I felt.

The leading couple

BKB had a promising start – decent romantic conversations and a good introduction to characters. Well, I loved most was the fact that I got to see one of my favourite scenes of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on the big screen. I was sitting there and repeating the dialogues until the person sitting next to me asked me to shut up. I was all kicked to watch a good film. As it began to unfold, I started to love Deepika Padukone’s clothes, make up and looks. Amazing ethnic wear, wedding scenes and good sets – just loved them.

This is when I loved her look!

The usual ‘what the hell is going on’ part followed soon. I lost track. Neither were there good clothes to admire nor a decent plot. Oh yes, at this point, Deepika started to look pathetic. Then again it picked up slowly. The mushiness started coming in bits and pieces. Sometimes I would think to myself, ‘Why did I not foresee this?’ and sometimes, ‘Well, it’s not so bad’. Mauritius made me want to visit it sometime soon (In the film it’s Australia and not Mauritius!) Deepika started looking yuck. Imran Khan was as mediocre as ever. The only stunning looking person throughout the film was Sharmila Tagore (When does she not look good?)!

I liked a couple of characters over time. I will not reveal their names as I would want you to watch the movie for your selves. But yes, they did justice to their roles. As the movie began to enter its climax, I bloody well knew what the ending would be like. I guessed it the minute the climax started setting in. After all, we have all watched Bollywood films since childhood!

Still from the film
Still from the film

The movie finally ended. There are some romantic moments, some pathetic moments, average music, some good clothes, some awful ones, some funny moments and some not at all funny moments!Not a good film. Not a bad film. Certainly, not a mushy film. Just another ordinary wannabe Bollywood film! Take this as an opportunity to get your loved ones to come hit the halls in solitude. You might just get some good private time.

(P.S: There are times when I burst out laughing for some parts of it seemed that pathetic)

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