Super Duper Film

The movie was in news for various reasons – It was Upendra’s come back as a director after 10 long years, the movie had no name given to it but just a symbol, it had Nayantara and so on and so forth. The audio was a Super hit. Finally, Super hit the screens on December 3rd. Since I admire the creative genius in Upendra, I decided I would go for it that very day.

The Super Symbol!

Super was stamped by Upendra’s creativity since the minute the credits started rolling. The crowd went crazy reading the credits. Every role in the film had a different way of presentation. Re Alu Star, Heroin, Die rector, Fraud User, Kya Maara Man, Drill Master, Kiricks, Head Eater, etc. As the credits ended there was this Uppi look alike picking up garbage from the street. My oh my, the crowd really expected that to be him and the way they screamed. I was like, ‘he truly is loved by his fans’. That aside, the movie began.

Nayantara and Upendra in Super

Year – 2030. Mysore has an international airport that looks brilliant. Foreigners throng India. What they see here is mind blowing. No more slums, no more corruption. Airport staff are all foreigners (I mean the cleaning staff), the taxi drivers are all foreigners, white skinned beggars saying, ‘Sister, brother, give me a rupee’. The value of India rupee has soared super high in comparison to the pound. Well, that invoked a sense of pride though it is a very farfetched dream.

Then Upendra begins to weave in his story. Born and brought up in London, Subash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra) loves everything about India. He also is on the lookout for a typical Indian girl – a girl that he has probably read about in books. How he meet the leading lady of the film, Indira (Nayantara) and what happens later is all well weaved into the story.

Was indeed a Super film

Being the Real Star of Sandalwood, he makes sure he depicts what’s going on in our society. He has a couple of lengthy dialogues (typical Upendra style) that mirror our society. Good make up and costumes, decent music, good performances and most importantly great story, creativity and direction – That marks Uppendra! He is by far one of the best in Kannada. He has broken away from his anti feminist view, made a great attempt at a Super film and is probably now reaping the benefits of his hard work.

Indeed a Super entertainer.

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