Corner House- Bangalore!! Sluurrppp Sluurrrppp!!

Delhi’s got its share of Nirula’s, Mumbaikars flaunt Natural Ice Creams. Bangaloreans? Well, we have our very own Corner House. An institution if I may say, has been serving the residents of Bangalore with irresistible ice creams for over 20 years now.

Our very own Corner House
Our very own Corner House

I have been a Corner House regular for years now. The staff at the Jayanagar 9th Block outlet know me by my face. Needless to say, they also know that I will order for – Hot Chocolate Fudge (Junior), mostly to be packed (‘direct pack’). I remember eating my first hot chocolate fudge while I was a school kid. What an amazing thing it was! I used to think that there was nothing tastier than that at Corner House – creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with their signature hot chocolate sauce and nuts!! It truly is heavenly! Over all these years, their chocolate sauce does get me going ‘goo goo’ all the time!! It’s just perfect – rich, dense, thick, brown, hot and most importantly yummy. What it does when a tablespoon of it is poured over vanilla ice cream is something that you must experience for your own self. After all these years, I still feel the same. Every chocolate fudge I have gives me the same amount of pleasure as the first one. That I believe is one huge achievement for the person making it.

I love everything about Corner House – their staff, their ice creams, their thick shakes, their mousse, their interiors with pictures of old Bangalore framed on the walls, their large yellow menu with black lettering listing out the various ice creams, their logo or just the feel of being there. It gives me immense pleasure to stand and see people stare at the menu to decide which one of the many ice creams they want and if they are even willing to share it! By the way, I never share my Junior with anybody.

How I love to admire this!
How I love to admire this!

By now, you must have thought that I am just a blind Junior loyalist. Well, not really. I have practically tried every ice cream listed on their menu I guess. Every new introduction is always given its due and is tasted. But Junior stands on a different pedestal. I remember going there at late nights with a friend of mine during my post graduation classes. We would visit it at least once a week, grab our individual juniors and forget the misery of being taught by horrifying lecturers!  That had become a ritual to the 2 of us.

The one on the left hand top is my Junior!
The one on the left hand top is my Junior!

Other favourites at Corner House include Death by Chocolate (DBC), Brownie Fudge, Chocolate Mousse with Cream and Ice cream, Brown Bomb (brownie with vanilla ice cream and coffee syrup – as you have a choice for ice cream and syrup when you order this one). I remember for a very long time, I would bring in the New Year by attempting to finish an entire DBC and would always fail at it. It would lie in the freezer for the next day as well. Mind you, I still can finish an entire DBC all by myself. However, I absolutely love it.

DBC!!! Sin worth indulging in!!
DBC!!! Sin worth indulging in!!

When I started writing this post, I stopped in between and wondered, ‘Why am I even writing this. I don’t think there is anyone in Bangalore who has not visited Corner House’. But then, something in me told me that I now had an opportunity to publicly declare how much I loved my Hot Chocolate Fudge (Junior). If anyone reading this has not yet been to Corner House yet, then make sure you do it soon! And there again, try and go to the one at the Airlines Hotel – the ambience will add to the joy of relishing your ice cream. The swing and see-saw in the garden will take you back to your younger days. Nobody even cares if you even sit on the swing for a while. So you can go back in time, sit on the swing with a large bowl of ice cream and grab that spoon and put it inside-out into your mouth (get what I’m trying to say?). And yes you can lick off every bit of chocolate on that spoon as every other person there would be trying to do the same!

If you are a chocolate lover then do try DBC or Choc-a bloc. If you like cakes then Brownie Fudge has to be the one you would want to try. Make sure you have it with vanilla ice cream and coffee syrup. It’s brilliant that way. If you like fruits then you can try Fruit Jackpot. If you want to have an ice cream meal then, don’t think twice before you order your Super Scooper!

Go ahead treat yourself with some great ice cream at Corner House! You deserve every bite of it!

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