Top 10 Kannada songs of 2010

My pick on the 10 best Kannada songs of the Year 2010:

  • Munjane Manjalli – Just Maath Maathalli
Ramya and Sudeep in Just Maath Maathalli

One of the first releases of the year, Raghu Dixit’s music and voice seemed so refreshing. It set high expectations and standard for the others right in the beginning of the year. I love all the songs of the movie. However, this is extra special. Till date, I feel awesome when I play this song early in the morning while having my mug of coffee. It takes me to a completely different world and helps me kick start my day with bliss. An amazing album to own! (I guess the music was out in 2009. However, since the film had an early 2010 release I would like to count it here)

  • Gharane Ghara Gharane – Aaptharakshaka
Vishnuvardhan in Aptharakshaka

Just when everyone had written off Gurukiran, he was back with Aaptharakshaka, proveing that he was no less in matching up to any new comer. The album had a good mix of classical and modern songs. ‘Howla Howla’ became such a craze that every Vishnu fan thronged the theatres to catch one last glimpse of their favourite hero.  The songs helped us reconnect with Vishnu. I must mention here that I was not sure if I should pick this song or Chamundi Taayi Aane. Since this is the song that had ‘Howla Howla’ in it, I went ahead with this. I should confess I love Gurukiran. He is the phoenix of this industry

  • Ninnagende Visheshavada Mahiti – Prithvi
Puneeth and Parvati Menon in Prithvi

Manikanth Kadri, another young and relatively new person in the industry gave us some amazing songs through Prithvi. These were complemented by good cinematography, choreography and acting. However, one would like the songs more and more as one would continue listening to it. The first time you hear them you might think they are average. But as you go on, you will start enjoying them.

Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah in Pancharangi

For me, this is probably the best song of the year. Apt lyrics, lively song and an even better movie – this by far has everything that is needed to boost your morale on a low day and say, ‘move on, forget what’s happened’. Yet again, the Mano Murthy and Yograj Bhat combination has proved to be a success. Every track in the film has a different treatment and feel to it. This again, is something that you cannot decide by hearing it just once. Listen to it when you are low and you will just feel so good all over again. Gibberish, true and nice – that is Life Ishtene.

A still from the song, Ondu Maamara

The legend Hamsalekha does not really have to struggle to prove his worth. He has done so by giving one beautiful album for Naanu Nanna Kanasu. Each and every song is so hummable and loveable. I still cannot decide if I loved the title track that keeps playing throughout the film or this one more.  The song beautifully spins out the story of one family, their bond, their nature and their life.  Khailash Kher’s voice brings out the emotions hidden in the character brilliantly.

  • Santhe Alli Idarunu – Krishna na Love Story
Ajay and Radhika Pandit in Krishna na Love Story

The only reason why I went to the theatres to watch this film was its music I guess. I loved this song.   And yes, I did like the team. I thought the movie would be worth a watch. Though the film did well, I didn’t like anything else in the film apart from this song by V Sridhar.

  • Ekka Raja Rani – Jackie
A still from Eka Raaja Rani

The song is mind blowing. I was so thrilled after listening to the tracks of the film that I actually sent a message to the film makers congratulating them on their effort. I think, here I cannot just give credit to Harikrishna. Yograj Bhat’s contribution to each and every song as a lyricist was surely a blessing for the music director. I could not pick one song and say it was below average. An absolute hit!

  • Hosadondu Hesaridu Nanage – Gaana Bajana
Gaana Bajana

Joshua Sridhar gave great numbers for this film. There was a good combination of genres in the album. Beautifully done, the songs, I think were the only good part of the film. The movie was awful.

  • Super – Super
Upendra's Super

The style maker, the director, the creative genius was back with Super. The songs of Super too wooed the people. I personally loved ‘Naanu Supero Ranga’. I think the song had a great combination of foot tapping music, tapanguchi beats and Yograj Bhat’s ‘churuku’ lyrics. Loved it. However, I somehow feel that may be the Upendra – Gurukiran combination would have been better.

  • Myalpura Mylari – Mylari

The year, for me, ended with another great album by Gurukiran. Again, I would like to stress that I regard him as the phoenix of the industry.  Awesome songs. I am sure you will hear each one and say that they all sound familiar. But then, they are brilliant. Mylapura Mylari has Puneeth Rajkumar’s voice that adds a certain feeling to it. However, I also like the ‘Sayonee’ feeling that another track Bitbude has. I frankly cannot pick one particular song from this album. All I can say is, ‘Beware of Gurukiran. You can never write him off. He will bounce back with twice his proven best and shock you’

The 2010 has indeed been a great musical year. I am sure Raghu Dixit will be happy with the way the people responded to his songs. His Facebook friend’s list is proof for that.

Harikrishna might have enjoyed being the most preferred music director. I have my own reservations though. He should probably part ways with his love for Pulp Fiction soon. Else, that will get stale. Both Jackie and Super had influences of that.  Apart from this, yes, he has given 1 awesome album. The only good thing about Jackie has been its songs.

My favourite music director of the year is Gurukiran. He has managed to prove his worth despite all odds. He is and will always be a genius.

I still am contemplating if my number 1 song of the year is Ekka Raja Rani or Life Ishtene. Not like, any of the makers are waiting for me to judge and decide!! I guess the winner here is Yograj Bhat! While speaking of the songs of 2010, I have to say that Yograj Bhat had a lot to do in making this year’s songs memorable. He has penned some great lyrics that will go down memory lane. He has scripted success stories of films through his songs.  He has proved time and again that creativity and originality will always be awarded.

Hope the next year will also be a beautiful musical journey.

(P.S: The listing of songs follows a random order)

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