Cad- B

While I learnt alphabets in school, we were always taught that C stands for Cat. Well, as I grew older, C always stood for something beyond Cat.  C for chocolate, C for Cadbury’s and C for Crackle!!  Well, this love that I developed as a child now has a new dimension. It’s now C for Cad-B.

Cad-B is a chocolate lounge that takes the possibilities of having variations in consumption of chocolate to another level. Delicious flavors of chocolate blended with cocoa butter, ice cream and other sinful milk products is what one should expect while at Cad-B. It’s chocolate in its own form – a little liquidy to eat and slightly solid to drink! Well, yes, this is how it is. You can neither eat it like regular bar of chocolate nor sip it like a normal milk shake. It’s liquidy with tiny granules of chocolate that makes it heavenly! While you have it you cannot bite on a chunk of chocolate nor just gulp it down. It’s a very different experience that you will give your taste buds.

Cad B

I don’t know what took me so long to hit their outlet in Jayanagar. I believe they have been on Brigade Road for a while now. Recently while I was indulging in my eating spree I saw a hoarding of Cad B in Jayanagar. Since then, I always wanted to go and try it out. I came home and googled to read more. That internet research of mine, made me want to visit their outlet ASAP.

Walnut Cad

Cad B has a variety of thick shakes – Cad B (bitter chocolate), Cad-M (milk chocolate), White Cad (white chocolate), Coconut White Cad, Snicker Cad, Ferro Cad, Roasted Almond Cad and many more. I went there with my dad after dinner as I wanted to have something sweet. We asked the staff on what is most popular there and then decided to go by their recommendation. We ordered a Cad B and White Cad (medium portions).

White Cad

I couldn’t contain my excitement and was peeping in to see if it was ready. Out came the guy with our Cads. Two fairly large glasses filled with sinful chocolate thick shakes and topped with grated chocolate. I was expected him to give us a straw. But no, we were given a spoon instead. As I dipped the spoon in to dig out my first spoon of the Cad, I freaked! It seemed so thick and delicious. In went the spoon and trust me it was delightful. I quickly grabbed my father’s glass to taste his. Even that was super delicious. For the next 10 minutes neither of us spoke to each other. We were busy relishing our Cads.

Coconut White Cad

I somehow couldn’t resist my temptation. I asked him if he wanted to share one more. He kept quiet for a while. And then said, ‘ What? Why share? Let’s order one each” Now you know where I get my gluttonous genes from! I finally started getting a little calorie conscious and said, ‘let’s take one large ferrero shake and split it’. He agreed.

Ferrero Cad

When the ferrero shake arrived we were both desperately waiting and watching a few other people who had visited the outlet. People on the next table had ordered a Chocolate Cad Sandwich (yes, you do get layers of bread grilled with pure molten chocolate) which looked very tempting. They had also take a Chocolate Shot – more like a shot glass filled with hot Cad Chocolate sauce. That boy was constantly licking his spoonful of chocolate with so much joy that I knew I would soon have that.

Choco Cad Sandwich

It was a very tasty indulgence. Every medium portion of the Cad is priced between Rs. 40 – 85. It is worth every penny that you shell out. If you have been to Cad B earlier then do share your experiences. Else, do pay a visit soon. You will see that the chocolate lover in you will be satisfied way beyond expectations.

3 thoughts on “Cad- B

  1. The choco shot ought to be converted to a choco bucket.. that tiny shot glass does no justice to the ‘oozalicious’ chocolate inside.


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