Band Baaja Baraat

You don’t need big names to make a good film. All you need is a good script and some good talent. Band Baaja Baraat proves just this. Young and fresh talent, a debutant director and a not-so popular screenplay writer have come together to lift the spirits of the YRF banner.

BBB is an open wedding invitation to all. Like any wedding, it’s brimming with life, confusion, last minute hazards, arguments and yes, romance. Crafted well, it highlights the intricacies that go into successfully pulling off one of life’s important events, ‘the wedding’.  However, here it brings in the wedding planners instead of just family members. The film looks fresh and aptly shows how the wedding planning industry is on a rise now.

A still from the film

An ambitions and meticulous girl, Shruthi Kakkar (played by Anushka Sharma) is keen on making her mark in the wedding planning industry.  With a business proposal in hand all the time, she ventures out by working as a part time assistant with planners in Delhi. Come one lucky day and she accidentally meets Bittoo Sharma (Ranveer Singh). Bittoo (with a double ‘t’ and double ‘o) is a typical Delhi boy  who’s got the talent to charm people with his talks.

They don't just plan your wedding, they dance at it too!

Circumstances force the two to start a wedding planning ‘bijness’ together. They open a wedding planning company called Shaadi Mubarak. The rest of the film is all about weddings on one side and business development on the other.  Focus lies on various components of the wedding like sangeet, baraat , food, décor and on getting new clients, cost discussions, closures and payments.  The audience gets so involved with Shaadi Mubarak that every lost opportunity there makes one sad and every new wedding grabbed makes one happy! The first half is good motivation for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Anushka and Ranveer in BBB

Post the interval, it makes its way into any other predictable rom-com. However, even here there is something appealing. Overall, it’s a product of great team work. Habib Faisal’s screenplay has surely added in making the film crisp and entertaining. Anushka has lived up to expectations. What should be mentioned is Ranveer’s performance. He seems confident and talented. Various facets of the character seem to come very spontaneously to him.  The music by Salim – Sulaiman goes well with the film and highlights the Punjabi culture. ‘Aiavayi Aiavayi’ gets addictive after a point. I kept humming the tune for over  2 days. Tarkeebein is also a good track. The movie also showcases the Delhi lifestyle in an interesting manner. Their lingo, lifestyle and culture becomes adaptable to anyone watching it.

If you have not watched it yet, then please do so. It’s a good entertainer.

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