Amit Trivedi, Udaan and Amit Trivedi Again

Filmfare Awards has always been one of the most sought after awards in Bollywood. Film professionals love holding the black lady. Every year there is a lot of noise that is made around that time – beginning with announcement of the nominations. On Saturday morning I saw the nominations of 2011 (for films released in the year 2010). I was a little disappointed.

Amit Trivedi, the man who had bagged the Filmfare RD Burman Award for New Music Talent did not feature in the nominations for Best Music Director despite some amazing albums in 2010 – Udaan, Admissions Open and Aisha. Music in all the 3 films was unconventional.

Amit Trivedi

I felt quite dis-heartened when I saw the nominations as I thought that his name had to feature there. I was on the verge of calling my friend, Sunny Saxena, who is a bigger fan of Amit Trivedi and discussing this. However, it was too early in the morning and I knew my friend would be enjoying his Saturday morning sleep. Hence, I chose not to disturb him.  (Well, this is the first time I am referring directly to someone by their name. I normally choose to leave references as friends and not name them. But, here he deserves a mention! And yes, he has also been the sole inspiration behind me starting this blog! )

I went through the nominations again. Udaan had received a couple nominations under the best film and best director category. I personally expected it to get a couple more nominations at least – best music, best supporting actor (here I had 3 people in mind – Ronit Roy, Rajat Barmecha and Aayan Boradia). I still can’t decide if I could pick one character from the film and call him the lead actor. Hence I chose to pick all the 3 main leads for the supporting role. I should confess that I absolutely loved the casting of the film.

Ronit Roy in Udaan
Ain't he awesome?
One amazing film
Their early morning ritual

You will love him

Ronit Roy so bloody well sank into the character of Bhairav Singh with his grim face, moustache and timing. The little kid, Aayan Boradia, was splendid. I am sure his talent will be recognized by one and all. In moments where he didn’t have to say a word; where he had to wait to see how his ill-tempered father would react; when he had to hide his scars from his brother or when he had to imitate his father and say, ‘disgraceful’ – he was brilliant. Rajat Barmecha who played the role of Rohan also seemed like a mature and well groomed actor.

Yes, the screenplay and music of Udaan was exceptional and motivational. As the film picked up pace, I began to wonder on how far I had gone from my dream. It all began with ‘Aazadiyan‘. By the time, the last track ‘Kahani’ started I had decided to quit my job! It was a difficult decision for me but yes the movie and the music was so inspirational that it made it easier for me. This was about Udaan.

Was this just his Azaadi or mine too

Moving on to Admissions Open; Sunny was the one who made me listen to the songs first as he is a die-hard fan of Amit Trivedi. Since the first time I heard the tracks, I loved them. Dariya Ubale , Aasmaan Ke Paar Chalo and Music are my favourites in the film. None of us actually realized when the movie hit the screens and when did it go away. I have not watched the film and hence would not want to comment.

The songs of Aisha ruled the charts for a very long time for its unconventional, upbeat, peppy and foot tapping numbers. I guess it had a huge role in pulling the audience to the halls. I however didn’t like the film but loved a couple of characters and the styling of the film.

Still from Aisha

Amit Trivedi gets a 5/5 for all his albums in 2010. He has one more to his credit – the track ‘Bombay Bombay’ from Striker. He has just given track for the film and I regard this as the best track of the film. Here I would like to mention that this was one track that I liked before Sunny had heard. So I had a cookie point here. As the year began to wrap up trailers of No One Killed Jessica started making news. What was most appealing to me there was the music and the pathos that the music highlighted. Amit Trivedi again! After watching the film in 2011, I fell in love with Amit Trivedi all over again.

I hope Amit Trivedi gets a nomination at the iifa, Screen and Zee Cine Awards. I actually don’t even know if he wants one, but I wish he gets them as he truly deserves them. He has a huge line up in 2011 and Sunny and me are nothing but excited! With every new album Sunny only gets more and more hyper. The songs will play in loop for days and will be loved by all of us.

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