Come On India.. Dikhado!!

Since the ICC World Cup 2011 is on a lot of other muses have taken a backseat in my life, including dining out when there is a match to watch. Oh, please do not assume that I do not enjoy binging around this time! I make sure I do so as the match seems even better when coupled by good food. Agree?

When I think of this chapter of the World Cup a number of mixed feelings arise. It all started way back when I heard that my Wizcraft had bagged the production of the opening ceremony.  So there it was – a happy feeling to kick start the world cup fever! As the fever started building, I started imagining how I wanted it to be Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup as did almost every other Indian!

Sachin Tendulkar

Shankar Mahadevan’s theme song made me love cricket all over again! There is also another song by KK that keeps ringing in my head –

Koi bhi dharthi ho

Jeeta hai jeetega

Apna hindusthan

It also reminded me of his song Come On India Dikhado. Not sure how many of you remember the song but I do and I still love that song and it’s lyrics –

Come On India Dikhado

Duniya Ko Hilado!

Such a rush of adrenaline when I listen to these songs!!

However, as I think of this song, something else disturbs me.  The video has an overdose of my favourite glimpses and some of my most treasured cricketing moments – Prasad Sohail take off, Srinath and Kumble’s mothers cheering for them when they stood tall and faced the Aussie bowling attack here at the Chinnaswamy Stadium and guided their team to a super win, Ajay Jadeja, Azhar and many more. Then there is stupid regional Meenakshi Karanth who starts thinking of how amazing it was when the Indian Cricket Team had so many Kannada boys!!! Now there is hardly anyone that I can think of – just Virat Kohli who is a part of my Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble

I fondly remember how Nayan Mongia would scream ‘Come On Jumbo..Come On’, how Prasad and Srinath would have some conversation in Kannada and the mic would pick that up, how aggressive yet subtle Kumble was, how Rahul Dravid is still remembered as ‘The Wall’, how Sunil Joshi and Bharadwaj were all a part of merrymaking and wicket taking!! I truly miss seeing the boys from Karnataka take on the rest of the world with fury, pride and josh.

I know I can’t sit and sulk that my boys are no longer a part of the team. So, I immediately begin to concentrate on the current team. Yes, Sachin takes the limelight. I am secretly hoping that he manages to bring back the cup as this is the best gift he can take back with him. So finally, when the first match was on between India and Bangladesh, like millions of Indians I was waiting to see Sachin thrash the Bangla bowlers. Unfortunately he was run out and spirits just went all low. At that point I remember telling Sunny that it was all his fault as he was the one who kept telling, ‘this will be Sachin’s cup’. I began to tell him he had set some evil spirit and that’s why Sachin didn’t play. Being the optimist that he always is, Sunny turns around and tells me, ‘Look at the brighter side, the only way Sachin can get out is by being run out!!’.. Yeah, right.. He still didn’t play. Thank heavens Sehwag at least made up for the loss, else he would have to face the wrath of zillions of Sachin fans and Sunny would have to deal with a super annoyed me!

As the match was on, I kept asking people around me if they wanted to have ‘gupchup’ (paani puri), chips, Coke (should have been Pepsi, but we had only Coke at home), popcorn and so on. I loved feasting on junk food that evening. I also loved the new ads that were aired then. Oh, there is this on Shahrukh Khan’s Airtel ad that brought back the lost love for SRK in me. Super super super amazing. Oh yes, every time I watch the ‘Good Luck Sachin’ ad I feel awesome!!

So here you go. Mixed bag of feelings and expectations. I just hope we bring back the cup. I hope Sachin gets to have a feel of it. I hope India Shines!! And finally, Good Luck Sachin!!!

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