Indijoe!! Yummy!!

If you ever knew me and we ever dined out often, then I’m sure you would know how much I would frequent restaurants that belong to the BJN Group, particularly Indijoe. I don’t think there is any need for me to spread the word on how fabulous the meals at the BJN  restaurants are. It’s known to all. Doing justice to their motto of ‘Khao, Piyo, Jiyo’ they make sure your tummies are thrilled.

Most BJN restaurants have their awesome buffets. But out of all of them, my favourite has always been the Indijoe buffets. From the days when it first started at the Carlton Towers in Bangalore, I have been a regular there. That place had something special about it – the amazing retro-western feeling, the gorgeous bar, the seating, the video walls, the table mats, the lighting and the menu. I used to feel so nice when I would call and reserve a table for lunch. I used to make it a point to visit only on Saturdays as I would be able to eat till I drop and then just go home and crash.

I loved this place!
Indijoe - Church Street

Let me first take you through their buffets – decent soups, great variety of salads, cheese and bread, yummy starters, delicious and tangy thin crust pizzas, vast main course including pastas and certain other Italian dishes, live egg counters and last and most importantly a great spread of desserts (usually exotic , tasty and satisfying). I would just binge on the Italian that was there on the menu and the desserts – comprising of some mousse (normally kiwi, peach or something more interesting), cheesecakes, pastries, gulab jamoons, ice creams, fruits and yes, the large chocolate fountain.

Chocolate Fountain

If it was dinner, then it had to be ala carte. Here again, there was never a moment when I would crib.I loved their starters and finger food. Mostly loved potato skins. Apparently their non veg platter and their prawn starters are good. Super love their cocktails and mocktails – their margarita being one awesome drink. Order it during happy hours and you are bound to be happy!! You might also like their Lindt Shake or Oreo Cookie Shake.

For Old Times Sake
Lindt shake

For main course I would mostly pick a sizzler. Any of their veg sizzler would it. Since I love pastas I would opt for the veg sizzler with spaghetti and cheese. There has never been a day when I did not like it. Even their pasta with white sauce is amazing. Friends of mine enjoy their Jack Daniel’s chicken sizzler as well. I can just say that most of their main course menu is worth having.

Ain't this tempting!!

Coming to their desserts – boy you should try their Chocolate decadence. It’s mind blowing. It’s a combination of molten chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. It simply melts in your mouth and is the most awesome thing I have had in the recent past. Their white and dark fondue is nice as well.

A trip to the Indijoe is a must (they are now there on Church Street and RMZ  Infiniti). It is worth the spend (I must say it might be a little heavy on the pocket). Most importantly, it is one of the best treats you could give yourself!!

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  1. Yea Sona!! That was one awesome night.. I had more pictures of the same night.. Just didn’t know if I should upload them or no.. Nevertheless, I thought this one deserved to be up there!! Miss you too…


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