Tanu Weds Manu

I have to confess that I love R Madhavan from his initial days. A few of my all time favourite films also happen to star Madhavan. So if that was not reason enough, I found an additional one to hit the halls to watch his latest Hindi flick, Tanu Wes Manu. This time around it was Aanand Rai. I was just hoping this would be the Mangalorean Rai and not the North Indian (Oh yeah.. If you didn’t know then Mangaloreans are not the only ones with their last name as Rai!)

Tanu Weds Manu

So here goes the story. Sadi gali sounded nice. Kangna looked hot and following our gut we went to watch Tanu Weds Manu (TWM). As the credits rolled, I jumped with joy as I could identify that the production house was the same that made Udaan as they played Udaan’s sound track. Bonus cookie for TWM!! Next, I saw that one song was choreographed by Pony Verma (the lady who is now married to Prakash Rai!! Mangalore Zindabad!!). Bonus Cookie Number 2!! And, now the film started!

I was super happy to see Madhavan enter! He looked as South Indian as ever (read it with sarcasm – I mean – flabby, chubby and so not the marriageable age yet cute). However, it was still him and I still love him!! So the whistles had to happen!!!  He is received by his friend Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal) who I ended up loving all through the film. The movie initially switches between Kanpur and Delhi. And when they show Kanpur and it’s lifestyle they take you back in time through another medium that was a revolution in its own – Radio and yes, in India, Vividh Bharathi. Bonus Cookie Number 3.

Oops, I'm so chubby and cute

As the film proceeds you wonder why you didn’t stop for a while and think before hitting the hall that this could be a ‘bekaar’ film! Yes, very predictable, very annoying and very filmy! I will sacrifice everything for the woman I love; including my love, is the motto of the movie. It’s like a combination of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (where Kajol initially walks away to ensure SRK is happy and later Salman does the same at the shaadi ka mantap), Pardes (SRK and his friend discuss his love for Mahima), DDLJ (SRK makes his way through the shaadi wala mahaul and tries to woo the bride’s family) and so on and so forth.. Oh yes, the antakshari from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and DDLJ can be seen repeating itself. Oops.. Are you down with a headache even imaging this? Imagine sitting through the same.

Still from the film

Did I not mention about the music? I still think the music director, Krsna is probably a student of Pritam. It’s heavily inspired by a number of films – Sadi Gali reminds you of Ainvayi Ainvayi from Band Baja Baraat. More depressing is the fact that there is this one background track that runs through the film which is impressive! Why won’t it be as it’s lifted upfront from A R Rahman’s score for Taal. The first time I heard the track, I knew it was a Rahman track. But then, I didn’t recollect which one. I jumped up and asked if my friend could recognize the same. Unfortunately he didn’t. By the end of the film, I exactly knew which one it was and I just told myself, ‘Bloody Chor!’.

I must admit that Kangna Ranaut looks stunning throughout the film. Plunging necklines revealing what’s within and deep backs adding more sensuality to her ‘I’m so full of bones’ figure. However, I would want her to just shut up where ever she spoke for 2 reasons – her voice had started irritating me. It lacked emotion I guess. Secondly, she would just use her entire mouth to speak – stretch it far and wide. Made it seem atrocious on big screen. Her character also was a little weak. A wannabe rebel from small town! Whatever!

People who impressed me through the film are undoubtedly Deebak Dobriyal and Jimmy Shergill. Deebak I think has amazing timing and has great grip over his acting. Makes you want to laugh out loud and yet speaks sensibly. Jimmy looks dashing, tough and very ‘in character’ types! Madhavan has however underplayed himself in order to fit in. The supporting cast is also worth mentioning.  There are some good dialogues in the film but they get overshadowed by the obviously weak script and story.

If you were to go by my suggestion, then, forget your love for Madhavan; forget watching a hot Kangna on big screen (by now most men would have downloaded horrid pictures of hers and ogled enough. Don’t waste time hitting the halls), forget everything else and just skip the film. You might want to spend time elsewhere doing things that are worth it! Finally.. TWM – Puhhllleezz.. WTF!!

(P.S: I am secretly hoping that the director is not Mangalorean!!)

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