The Grill House

I have mentioned a couple of times in the past that I love to gorge on sizzlers. Somehow you don’t really feel that guilty when you do so.  In this endeavor to find new sizzler joints I always end up either disliking places I visit or loving it. One such experiment of mine was a trip to The Grill House (TGH) in Ulsoor long ago.

The Grill House

After a really long and tiring day, a few friends decided to go Bobby’s Dhaba near the Ulsoor Lake. It was a Sunday evening and we couldn’t find place to even wait. Since I had always passed by TGH and had never stopped by to grab a bite, we decided to step in. The place has this warm feeling to it that made me say, ‘I like it’ the minute we entered.


Since then, it was all an uphill journey. We had ordered Garlic Spinach Soup which was just right. Nothing extra, nothing unusual and no unwanted masala or spice. Just makes your senses come alive and clears your nostrils instantly! Since then, every time we go there, either of us end up having the soup. I also like their Minestrone Soup. Everything else that we had that day was simply delicious. May be we were a little tired and very hungry that translated in us liking the food as much.

This is just an image from the web. Don't go by this. The soup there looks better and I'm sure tastes better

Since then we have visited the place umpteen number of times. I personally think they are not very consistent in what they serve. But, I surely can’t say they are bad. So here is what is good and what is not at TGH.


It’s summer already and if you plan to first quench your thirst then trust me when at TGH you should just not think of anything else but Southern Ginger. It’s an awesome drink having the right combination of ginger, lime, soda and mint. Perfect! For starters my friends enjoy their Chicken Wings. I however never indulge in having a starter as their main course makes a sumptuous meal by itself. Yes, they do serve bread and garlic mayo dip on the table which reminds me of Sunny’s . The garlic mayo is very similar in taste. Now, need I say more? I’m sure your mouth is watering at the thought of it. Mine is. I absolutely love the bread and dip at Sunny’s and I love this one as well. Sllluuurrrppp.


My main course is simple – Mexican Potato Skin (served as a sizzler).  3 large potatoes scooped and filled with baked beans, vegetables and cheese!!  It’s accompanied by Mexican rice and garden fresh veggies. Fills you beyond satisfaction and makes you want to have it over and over again. I have tried their pasta once but my potato skins are way better.

Mexican Potato Skin

TGH serves a large variety of steaks and sizzlers. I would advise everyone to go ahead with their sizzlers as they are best at that. If you still have any space in the stomach then do have a Blueberry Cheese Cake to make your meal absolutely delightful. It’s really awesome.


The ambience is warm and nice. They have a decent seating capacity as well. Walls are strange though. You would wonder why they have some funny things painted on them. One can find a cowboy painted on one entire wall on one corner and the other would have this large cactus. Never mind. You are there to eat so just go ahead and enjoy your meal. I would like to caution you that you need to be doubly sure that the staff there have got your order right. They seem perpetually confused and dis-oriented. They are courteous though. If they have goofed up your order then they immediately oblige and change it for you. Obviously they have to. But ya they are more than willing to do so. It’s not a reasonable place. A meal for 2 might be close to Rs. 1000. However, it’s filling, tasty and nice.


Do visit this place once and let your taste buds relish what they serve. It’s worth a visit.


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