Some hot tea, some fresh air, some short eats and loads of satisfaction, fun and happiness! That was my first time experience at Chaipatty Teafe (Chaipaptty Tea Café) at Indiranagar. Just alongside the 100 ft road, Chaipatty (read as chai patti – tea leaves), promises to be the coolest hangout this summer.


Chai Patty - Teafe



I would want to say, the minute you walk in you would want to tell yourself – Oh I love this place! However, there is nothing really to walk into. It’s an open air cafe and is extremely inviting! And yes, you would surely exclaim ‘Oh! I loooove this place’.


A hustling bustling place already



Yellow, brown, white and black are the predominant colours used – both in terms of their cutlery and their interiors (rather exteriors!). What I also loved at the place was its seating arrangement. Mostly low, it also gives you an option to just throw your shoes open and sit bare feet. Yes, that’s true. You will find many who could just do that and grab a book from the shelf that’s well placed in the corner and just enjoy a quick read while sipping their Chai.



Seating again!



I saw the kulhad on display and I knew I wanted to have tea in that! So, we ordered for 2 Kulhar Chai’s and a plate of Aloo Pakodas! As we sat, I was staring at the place trying to figure out their concept – mostly trying to project a semi-rustic, very Indian yet global kinda look. By then our Chai arrived. The look of itself elated my spirits. I forgot the day long stress and just felt calm and composed. As I sipped it, I loved it all the more. Seemed perfect. My friend said, this is how good Chai should be and I would go by his opinion as he generally has a good taste for food and beverages.


And then came our pakodas – crispy, thin slices of potato well fried to look super yummy and taste even better. One bite and I was like – Hell, I should have ordered for another plate. I went ahead and ordered for another while my friend kept thinking how much this women enjoys eating!

Spot the Kulhar



I was so much in love with the place that I brought my dad along the next morning. He too loved it. We also tried the waffle there which was average. Common I’m sure they will improve with time. I could see people enjoy their pastas, corn kernels and magi. Will try more out and update this post often.

Now, there is one point that I wanted to highlight since the beginning of this post but chose to keep it to the end. This is purely to all the women folk who read my posts. They have some awesome home decorative and jewelry on display. Trust me it’s hard to just look and continue eating. The urge to pick up something is really high and I won’t be surprised if you spend a lot of time admiring them and contemplating if you should concentrate on the food or the jewelry.

See, you won't be able to stop yourself from stopping by this area!



My opinion – A big thumbs up to Chaipatty Teafe! The kulhad chai seems expensive but then you wouldn’t think twice before planning your next trip. They have good variety of summer specials – kulfi, iced teas and so on, so do visit and give me your feedback! If they manage to run it well and stay consistent then it won’t be long where one would recognize this as the preferred tea lounge of the city. Just like how Koshy’s now stands synonymous to coffe and chat this can well become synonymous with Chai and Chat! Well, ambitious may be, but seems achievable!


(P.S: These are not pics taken by me. I have taken them from a couple of others – and )

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6 thoughts on “Chaipatty

  1. can v open one more chaypatty teafe  in ahmedabad…..we r ready to invest…..!!!! the idea is super kool…n the people out there in gujarat are supa foody…..!!!!!!


  2. Even i am willing to open this format in Ahmedabad … If you guys ready for franchising …. Do contact me on ronak.chartered@gmail:disqus .com


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