Delhi Belly!

I don’t know where to begin. Delhi Belly, is one laugh riot. The comedy here is a class of its own and is a mix bag of situational comedy, profanity and what I regard as ‘potty comedy’. Never has exemplified potty comedy been so desirable.  It’s so true to the tagline of the film – Shit Happens!

From the beginning, director Abhinay Deo throws at you silly and atrocious stints that just get more and more enjoyable as they weave into the plot. None of it comes across as sleazy and slapstick though given other circumstances, it sure would. I say kudos to the script by Akshat Verma and a double kudos to Abhinay and team for its impeccable execution.


Delhi Belly is based on the life of three skanks –  Imran Khan (an ambitious journalist), Vir Das (a frustrated creative) and Kunal Roy Kapoor (a dirty and unkempt photographer). It mostly revolves around tales within their untidy and slum house. There is one rule that these boys teach you in that house – Never disrespect your commode. That is the thumb rule of this movie. And the rest is for you to find out.


There are numerous snappy one liners that will make you jump off your seat while you ‘laugh your ass off’. I dare you to watch the movie and sit glued to your seat without laughing. There is no escape to that. The humour is going to blow your brains away. Though I am tempted to mention at least one of those lines from the movie I choose not to. I want you to have your share of fun and listen to it as and when the situation demands. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can fall in love with it. The burqa clad scene probably is my favourite among all.

Ram Sampath’s music gets a plus 1 (the google plus style). I simply loved the choreography for Jaa Chudail and I Hate you. Aamir’s item number is way better than seeing dumb and senseless jhatkas of the Sheilas and Munnis. Huzefa’s editing also gets a plus 1. Oh wait. It gets a plus 2 (only because I just finished working with him for an ad film and he did a brilliant stress free job for me!). Jason West’s cinematography is again awesome. What else can you expect from him? He is Jason West, had to be great.  The performances are great. For once, the undesirable chocolate boy, Imran Khan seems good.  Vir Das is at his best as well. What will blow you away is the timing and performance of Kunal Roy Kapoor. His character acts like a foil to the other two. Shenaaz who would have otherwise annoyed you with her never ending plastic smile has also done a good job here. Poorna Jagannathan is surely here to stay!

Overall, Delhi Belly redefines over-the-top comedy and makes it loveable. By the way, other than the name it has nothing that reflects Delhi. Yes, it has a Belly, a rather big one, in the form of Kunal Roy Kapoor! Never forget the thumb rule – Do not disrespect your commode! Book you tickets and have an awesome weekend!


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