Phobidden Fruit

Our quest for new cuisine just gets more intense as time flies. This time around Kiran read about a restaurant that serves Vietnamese cuisine in Bangalore. Needless to say, we landed there soon. I would like to make it very clear that whenever we decide to try out a new restaurant we do read reviews that are available.


This time around, the article will have no frills. Jumping directly to the restaurant – Phobidden Fruit in Indiranagar, the place is done up well and the staff are quite frank. So, there it earned its first +1. The menu looked quite strange to us. Names were new but for the description. We went ahead with some Pork Spare Ribs, Iceberg Wraps, Vietnamese Chicken, Potato Fritters and Cauliflower Salt and Pepper Fry. We had also ordered some Tropical drink and some Iced Vietnamese Coffee.


The drink was brought to our tables. It looked awesome. It also tasted awesome. But there was this large dollop of salt at the bottom. For the ones who had not stirred the drink it was awesome. For the rest, it was ‘yikes’. The coffee was like coffee. Simple and decent.

Then came our starters. The Iceberg Wraps and the Pork Ribs were apparently delicious. The lamb was average. Everyone was making fun of the veg. dishes. However, they were awesome. The potato was spicy, not too oily and super yummy. The cauliflower was better. All of us binged on the cauliflower and it was over in seconds.


Potato Fritters




For main course, we all ordered Pho. They consider it their comfort food. It’s  steaming hot rice noodles soup brewed in broth with some vegetables and meat. So there was Chicken Pho, Prawn Pho, Lamb Pho and the Veg Pho. Though it tasted delicious there was no space in the stomach to eat any of it. Actually, we had also ordered some Banh Mi (Chicken Sandwich) dish that was awful and a Prawn Fried Rice which was equally bad.  That’s ok. The Pho made up for it.

We asked the staff on what they would recommend for desserts and they said nothing. However, we did order a Che and Coconut Sorbet. Well, the Che was like our Falooda. It had layers of crushed ice, jelly and some coconut milk. The Vietnamese have a very different idea of a sorbet. There was no crushed ice. It was a gooey lump of something that had a strong coconut flavor and the texture of a mousse. I must say that it tasted great. Both of them were good.


I would give this place a thumbs up and say you can try it out. Make sure you order the Pho for main course and split that between 2 or 3 people. Kudos to our new indulgence.


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