That Girl In Yellow Boots

Before I even pen down my opinion on That Girl In Yellow Boots, I want to tell you that you must watch the film. Yes, it does fall in the must-watch category. Wondering why?

Because –

a)      It has a very intriguing name

b)      You will love the characterization

c)       You will love the performances

d)      It’s a great attempt at narrating what is often left untouched and untold.

e)      Finally, it’s an Anurag Kashyap film! Period!

Like most of my reviews I choose not to reveal the larger story line. Ever since I heard about the film, I knew I had to watch it. We were expecting a rather full hall. But then, that was not the case. I am in a way glad that it wasn’t. I really get annoyed when I have people around me chit-chatting in the middle of the film! And yes, after Bodyguard I did need something to reassure my faith in Indian cinema. There could have been no better way than watching this.

Anurag Kashyap has never let his audience down and TGIYB is no exception. From the very first minute, you would fall in love with Kalki. Her expressions – sometimes cold, sometimes with a beam of hope, sometimes happy, mostly sad and frustrated bring out the agony in her life. A strong willed character, she makes one get into a retrospective mode. The film has 3 other characters, who for me, do the deal – Puja Sarup (the lady who plays the role of Maya), Naseeruddin Shah (whose role is small yet critical) and Gulshan Devaiah (I LOVED HIM).  I choose to not to describe Gulshan’s role and character within brackets as I have a hell load to say.

First of all, the minute I saw him, I yelled – ‘This is KC’. Yes, the Shaitan guy! I for some reason didn’t get his name right. Within seconds of seeing him, or rather even before I saw him, something him me hard. There was a track that was playing on the television in the scene; ‘Nayaka’. Oh! Holy Cow!! It was a Kannada track!! Can Meenakshi Karanth not jump up with joy? Yes, soon I saw Gulshan and his makeup and style! I couldn’t help noticing the Kannadiga in him. The accent, the love for Kannada heroes and the attitude – just brilliant. Not to forget – his name! Chitiappa GOWDA. How much more research could one have done to draw out such refinements in his characters. It was almost like an orgasmic moment. There were referrals to Upendra and Jaggesh which made me go crazy. The icing on the cake was how ‘If you come today’ was depicted in the films – sometimes directly, sometimes as the background score and sometimes just the video! Oh!! The way Gulshan delivers the lyrics made me fall in love with him! Never did the ‘Tick Tick Tick Tick’ in the song sound so intimidating. He was just brilliant. And I was just a very happy Kannadiga.

Kalki has been as good as ever. She is plain, simple, cold, strong willed, tough and yet sensitive. Her co-star Prashant was good too. A druggie with a decent amount of emotion, he seemed to have done justice to his role. Like I said earlier Nasseruddin Shah’s character is rather critical, very much like that of a guardian angel.


The film has various characters that lead to confusion and speculation. After watching the film, I just fell in love with the detailing. The stronger the research, the better the product. There was no character that seemed wasted. Even the 5 sec role of Rajat Kapoor stands justified. The tracks and the background score lead you to further introspection. Overall, it’s a great film. It’s a story that will leave behind some bitter thoughts. For me, Anurag Kashyap and Upendra are 2 directors who manage to showcase the dirty side of life so well through the medium that it makes you wonder why you were so passive until now. Both these directors know how know to trick their audience. They keep you guessing till the end. I won’t say that the quality is the same but surely the topics are similar.


I loved TGIYB. I strongly suggest you watch it.

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10 thoughts on “That Girl In Yellow Boots

    1. I guess that’s the brilliance of Anurag Kashyap. The intention of Rajat Kapoor’s 5 sec role seemed more like an attempt to add an element of confusion. It’s more like the director’s cut to tease the intelligence of his audience and to bring in some amount of involvement.


    2. Hey Jhj

      I guess that’s the brilliance of Anurag Kashyap. The intention of Rajat Kapoor’s 5 sec role seemed more like an attempt to add an element of confusion. It’s more like the director’s cut to tease the intelligence of his audience and to bring in some amount of involvement.


    3. Rajat Kapoor’s role is what makes this film an Anurag Kashyap film. He is just brilliant. It was defining moment for the film when kalki finds her dad’s apartment and audience is in suspense, just trying to speculate who the dad might be….and bam…Rajat Kapoor walks out of the building in front of her when she is waiting near the lift. For the rest of the movie I was waiting…. when will the story come to Rajat Kapoor? But it didn’t! And the ending catches the audience off guard.
      But honestly I also thought Anurag might have shown Rajat Kapoor just to fool the audience while watching, but still I was not sure and the ending made the desired impact which Mr. Anurag Kashyap wanted….


  1. Could you please give me the name of the Kannada song playing in TGIYB and the name of the movie it is from? Thanks a ton in advance. Grand review, by the way.


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