Yana Sizzlers

By Wednesday Kiran, Sunny and me begin to ponder over where we can dine out over the weekend. Else, we will hit BookMyShow to figure out which movie is playing at what time. Last weekend was no different. It was actually a double bonanza. Kiran had booked tickets for Friends with Benefits at PVR and we knew we would dine in Koramangala.


We began with various options and finally narrowed down on two – Spaghetti Kitchen and Yana Sizzlers. We went ahead with Yana as all of us like sizzlers.  For me Yana had a few additional cookie points that helped me decide. One, they were serving sizzlers.  Two, it was opposite Bhandhary Travels in Koramangala. This means nostalgia, belongingness and everything else.


The restaurant was practically empty and we had enough privacy to act crazy. Well, my first moment of madness was when I took a look at the beverage menu. They serve only mocktails and had drinks with names like Boo Boo Shake!! There was no way I would have anything else. Kiran ordered a drink with blue curacaos and Sunny had a can of coke.


We didn’t order any starters and decided to have sizzlers right away! The menu is similar to Kobe. I guess they have based their model around that. I ordered a Spaghetti and Cheese with Italian sauce. Both the guys had chicken – one with pepper sauce and the other with BBQ sauce.


Well the Boo Boo shake was decent!! So was the case with Kiran’s blue blue drink. Kiran’s sizzler arrived first and the verdict was passed – ‘I like it more than Kobe’, he said. We knew that it had to be good then. I loved my sizzler. At Kobe they normally place an entire slice of cheese which melts and is not really enticing. Here, they grated the cheese and made it less gooey gooey! The spaghetti was well done too. The fries were better. I guess the ones at Kobe are more like wedges than fries. I didn’t really try any vegetable. I was happy with the rest.


We had decided to have desserts despite being full. We picked up sizzling apple and cinnamon pie with ice cream. Initially, it didn’t seem that great. Kiran made a face. But it got better with every bite.


I think it’s a good place to visit for sizzlers. They do have a Chinese menu, but I guess you should stick to the sizzlers. It surely is a breath of fresh air when compared to Kobe.

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