Open letter to Munirathna

Dear Mr. Munirathna,


I am writing to you as a true Mannina Magalu who cares about the state, the cities, the language and yes, the films. I completely understand you have an very influential background else there was no way you would get away with the case that might have haunted you for a while.. Oh, maybe you have already forgotten that; so let me make it clear.  I am referring to the collapse of the compound wall. Remember now? I also understand what you mean to the Kannada film industry. By marrying off your daughter to Rockline’s son you have gained yourself a ticket to being one of the most powerful members of this industry. It surely was a great game plan!

I am a huge fan of Kannada films, despite it being called Sandalwood. I still don’t understand why we can’t have a better name. I see the logic though.. May be because our DD channel is called Chandana (which translates to sandal in English), this must have been the easiest available option. Translate it in English and add a Wood to make it a part of the league of Hollywood, Bollywood and all the other woods. Anyway, I used to rush to the halls to watch Kannada films for a long time until trash like Krishnana Love Story started making it big. However, I still watch them as I cannot let go of my love for the industry. I still shout out loud when I see Puneeth Rajkumar on screen. I love the intelligence that is the reason behind Upendra’s success and yes, I love the legacy that I carry in my name –it makes me a Kannadiga instantly! There is no way people could or would associate me with any other language.


I must tell you that the industry when looked at an outsider’s point of you is losing repute every single day. Thanks to some strange decisions, poor thinking abilities and largely bad media planning. I mean, look at Prem. He exploits the media to make sure he gets every ounce of publicity he can to promote some non sense films. But, that is tolerated. Why? Mannina Maga. I wonder why we could not hold on to the likes of Prakash Rai and Arjun Sarja? Why didn’t we give them enough exposure here? So what if they were a little more dominating than the producers? Don’t we have any quality measures? Do our measures just end with ‘macchu’ and ‘long’?


On one side we have actors like Puneeth Rajkumar who follow the footsteps of the first father of the industry (if I may say so) and his own father, Dr. Rajkumar  (mark – the eye donation camp). On the other hand we have actors like Darshan who creates a sympathetic outlook for himself, first by repeating his tales of humble beginnings and later by showing how ill he is? Why is it hard for us to have some amount of consistency? Why is it hard for us to keep our egos aside and differentiate the right from wrong?


This brings me to another pain point – why is the industry so bloody male dominated? Why is that we patronize everything that our heroes do and make our heroines pure toys? Why is it that Ramya had to fight hard and sustain the wrath of this industry to make sure she made her point clear? Why is hard for other women to even grab a couple films and survive eventually? Why do we only talk about Puneeth, Shivanna, Uppi, Kichcha, Crazy star and all the other stars? Why don’t we give equal importance to the ladies?


Now that I have highlighted the gender bias plaguing the industry, let me get to the current hot topic. Why did you even plan to ban Nikitha Thukral? Is that how you want your industry to be seen? So pseudo, so MCP, so male driven and so insane? Why could you not channelize your energy into thinking of how you would deal with the situation once that crazy challenging star of yours gets stable? You should ban him, right? He is the one who is a social nuisance and the one who truly deserves the wrath. Instead, you focus on praying for him to get strength to deal with the situation!! Ridiculous, isn’t it? What have you done to make sure you even know the state of well being and improvement of his wife? Didn’t she deserve more concern?


Sir, next time you decide on either banning a non Kannada film releasing in Karnataka (purely because of your insecurity on the performance of your own films) or banning Rajni’s films out rightly and seeking more money from distributors, think again. None of this goes unnoticed; especially today when social media is so strong. Imagine, people all across the country now know who you are!! Please do not divide the industry further. For the first time did we see Rockline Venkatesh echo a different voice from that of the Rajkumar family. FOR THE FIRST TIME.. We like the little unity that exists in the industry amidst all the camps and their issues. Please let that remain.


Please look at making more meaningful films instead of spending hours in the chamber discussing politics that exists in the industry. Yes, I do know the talks that happen in all the bloody meetings there. I hated a few that I was a part of. Please make them more constructive. Please channelize your energy towards pouring money into quality films and scripts. People will hit the screen irrespective of whichever big film is releasing the same day. And please, stop making a mockery of SANDALWOOD.




Mannina Magalu

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6 thoughts on “Open letter to Munirathna

  1. This was just sooo amazing and lovely 🙂
    Great to know that u love the state, language and sandalwood soo much.

    Keep up the great work Mannina Magalu.

    Raghavendra Hunasgi


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