Love Breakups Zindagi

Well, I probably will be the only person recommending you to watch Love Breakups Zindagi (LBZ). Why am I so sure? I looked up reviews and most of them are either neutral or negative. But, I personally liked the film for many reasons. Read on to know more.


First of all, I truly admire Dia Mirza. I think she is gorgeous. I loved the name. I liked their promos, posters and other marketing efforts. Finally, I liked the movie. We have all grown up on Yash Chopra’s romantic films and have to an extent expected our love lives to be similar. Well, neither did we ever run around tress with our respective partners nor did we continue believing that any of it was true. After ages, Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan (who I never really liked in the past, purely because I used to find him to be cold and steel-like) decide to produce a movie like LBZ that reassures your faith in filmi love stories. Yes, you know from the very first minute that you will have really filmi situations being thrown up at you. But that takes a back seat as the story progresses. Performances take over.

Cyrus Sahukar and Zayed Khan make you laugh with their wit and humor. Eventually, the other characters begin to unfold. I can bet that you would like every character of the film. I can’t pick one and say that I didn’t like their performance. Now, coming to what really impressed me – makeup, costumes and styling. I have never really appreciated any film for these reasons, but this one deserves a mention. Great clothes, even better jewelry, grand wedding sets and good makeup just boost the overall look and feel of the film.


The music is nice and pleasant. No great tracks, but yes, you would hum Rab Raakha a couple of times. I normally never reveal the storyline or plot or any other specific incident from the film. But this one is going to be a dampener for all who think I wouldn’t. There was one guest appearance in the film that made jump up with joy when I heard the voice of the actor who was to make an appearance. Not just me, I’m sure many other women in the hall also did. Yes, you guessed it right. Shahrukh Khan does a cameo here!! Could they ask for a better love mascot? Isn’t SRK responsible for making us go crazy in love? Isn’t he the one who taught us that over expecting in love is not an issue at all!! Well, he comes back and gives us his expert opinion on love. Ooooooo.. Drooolll..


Moving on, the plot is likeable. It may be a little predictable. But surely, watchable. Do watch the film for old times’ sake! You will rediscover the magic of falling in love, more importantly, being in love

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