This is probably one of the first posts where I would let the pictures do the talking. We recently visited Sufi in Koramangala. I fell in love with the place and the food.


We started by having their tea!! Yes, a must have! And yes, they give you sugar cubes to add. So, if you still have the child instinct going strong, you will be excited to gulp the tea down. We were so greedy that  we also ordered this other drink (sorry, this time around I wouldn’t be able to give you the names). It was predominantly like buttermilk, but yes, tasty!


Kiran & Sunny were just super elated and didn’t know what all to order. For vegetarians, there is not much of a choice. I chose to order a Veg. Kebab Platter. The boys ordered Kebab – e – Loghmeh (lamb) and Chelo Kebab (Chicken). They went bonkers eating it!


Next came their rice and curry – Again Persian special rice with some lamb dish. I could only see Sunny go slurp every time he dipped his spoon into the lamb. Apparently it was really tender and tasty. Kiran ordered for a chicken gravy.

I was happy with my kebab and didn’t order any main course. I was waiting to belt some desserts.



They only have 2 desserts on the menu – Sholezard (a rice pudding) and Ranginak (a dates and maida dish). Please do not try them. One tastes like rotten rice kesaribath and the other is just horrible. The maida makes the texture bad.


But yes, if you like kebabs and love your non-veg, make sure you visit Sufi. Ask the stewards for their recommendation. Make sure to try the tea though!

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