Christmas has always meant a lot to me. Right from school days, it brought a lot of happiness and joy. Be it the choir practice sessions, the Xmas class parties or just the act of exchanging gifts, Christmas has always made me smile. This year was no different. Well, actually, it was. It was the best Christmas so far!


Credit to this year’s happiness is attributed to a lot of people, mostly to Sunny! Yes, there was so much joy all the while; I don’t know which of them can be penned down. I put up the Christmas tree at home for the first time! I had a FB Secret Santa who went all the way to make me happy until Christmas Day! I know this Santa is for a lifetime! Every Christmas from now on will be the same.


Enough said and done, let’s move to the best part of it all – the food!! We went to Sheraton for Christmas Eve and trust me they serve the best margherita pizza!!! Yummylicious!! Sunny and me couldn’t stop indulging in it!!


Our Christmas dinner was pre planned. Kiran was to join us after his much awaited Hyderabad trip. We visited Medici for Christmas and boy, weren’t we overjoyed!! The eggnog at Medici is simply awesome!! It only gets more delicious with each sip! Post that, we had our salads – Green Salad with Orange Vinaigrette for me and Chicken Green Salad for the boys.



Sunny kept having his cheap thrill moment trying to get me to pronounce the name of the soup the way he thought it should be. Squash Bisque was what they had listed it as. However Sunny insisted that it would be pronounced as Squabi!! It was warm and just right to bring in the mood.


I had a Cabbage Pie for main course and the boys had their turkey. And both lived up to our expectations.


Obviously Meenakshi Karanth waits for the desserts every time she dines out!! Yes, this time they served Baked Alaska. Heavenly!!! A layer of pineapple pastry with some ice cream, followed by another layer of pineapple cake and some cream on top. This was baked and served to us in rather tiny portions. I shamelessly asked for an additional serving as I couldn’t just settle with one..



Overall, Christmas was great. Among many gifts that I got, I loved the Christmas treat at Sheraton. Remember to try their pizzas when you visit.

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