Pyarge Aagbittaite

Creating content is certainly difficult. Creating creative content is even more difficult. Making it go viral? Well, this can only happen if the content is brilliant. Being a part of the digital era, viral marketing is something that cannot be ignored. This blog post is dedicated to a Kannada video that has gone viral over the last week and yes, has a long way to go.


Pyarge Aagbittaite (PA) is a song from an upcoming Kannada film, Govindaya Namaha. The director, Pavan Wadeyar, very modestly uploaded the video on YouTube on Jan 25th, 2012 without any frills. Neither did the title, ‘pyarge aagbittaite song from govindaya namaha..’ nor the description, ‘A new kind of song with kannada and urdu mix’ have any element that would draw views and shares. As I am penning the post, the video has over 250,000 views on YouTube and over 2,000 likes. So you already know that I must be jumping with joy! After all, I am a proud Kannadiga.


For me, the song is all about striking the right chord. It goes beyond getting just the concept right. The treatment matters most and I think the team has managed to give it the best treatment. Starring, Komal  and Parul Yadav, the song is surely going to leave behind some thought. Yes, we Kannadiga’s finally have our own viral and we are really happy.


My +1s to the song:

1)      The treatment

2)      The concept and it’s execution

3)      Music – I do not want to mention anything here. There is an entire section on the music director!!

4)      Choreography by Murali

5)      Lyrics – I was told by a YouTube user that it was penned by Pavan himself

6)      Cinematography for getting the hues right – Unfortunately, I have not been able to get inputs on the cinematographer

7)      The stars – yes Komal & Parul have got all the expressions right!! Love it when she says, ‘Nakko Nakko’

8)      Editing


Pavan Wadeyar, if I am not wrong, has been an associate of Yograj Bhat for a while. Yes, this again assures my belief that a great team is indeed important in making a great product. No wonder Bhattru saw his earlier films turn out so well. Anyway, this is more about Pavan and his team than anybody else.


File photo that I found online

I am sure everyone who has heard the song would hum it at least once. Well, yes, I am coming to the music director of the film – Gurukiran. Like I mentioned in my post when I reviewed Mylari, this man never ceases to amaze me. People may have various opinions about him and his work, but I think he has some great potential and he has proved it time and again. This post is also special, because I managed to speak to Gurukiran and get him to share his views!!! Yes, he is the first celeb I have interviewed for my post.




FCB: What was the biggest challenge while composing the music?

GK: The situation and scenario was very clear. The lead character of the film was in love a Muslim girl.  We decided to include lyrics that had Kannada and Urdu (inspired by the Shivajinagar lingo) in the song. Once that was done, the rest seemed very easy. We also decided to take the retro route to bring out the feel.

FCB: Why Retro?

GK: As I mentioned earlier, the situation involves romance and the lyrics had a heavy influence of Urdu. When we think of these two what comes to one’s mind? Mughal e Azam? Yes, that’s what inspired us to go retro. However, we had second thoughts of how the final product would be. Hence after about 50% of the song we decide to bring in a twist and give it a feel of a radio mix. Hence you see the change in beat and tempo.


FCB: Ah! Okay. Was making it a viral a part of the brief that was shared?

GK: No. We never had any such thoughts in mind. This is just an edit version and not the final completed version.


Woah!! This is not the final version, and the song is already such a big hit!! I’m loving it. Do listen to it and let me know what you think of it. Kudos to the entire team!! Great effort! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Pyarge Aagbittaite

  1. Catchy tune . Did you not watch ‘Lifu Ishtene’ and ‘Vishnuvardhana’?  I was expecting a blog post on those…


  2. For someone who watches close to 2 movies an year (yes, year), I find this song really good. Headed towards your blog as it was high up there in the big G search.


  3. you have posted comment on the video. first I heard the song on radio mirchi today. It is funny. Wonderful & practical lyrics. we know that language & culture from shivajinagar, bangalore plus mysore etc.. the horse neighing is simply bombat. Mind you, for a while it made me feel life was worth living. Such complicated matter narrated in humorous, comical, musical way, no body can stop it. I am stunned by its popularity. For a kannada song, about 6 lakh hits in 2 weeks is amazing. Immediately after hearing that, i put the link on face book & tried to know the details on face book & this post..I have downloaded the song, made it mp3 & will share it tomorrow with my colleagues. Thanks for all the creators. Guru is in flow. Chetan & Indu have sung very well. God bless you all.


    1. In actual fact, that hindi song was copied from one old tamil comedy song of that days popular comedy actor – Lt. Thanga velu


  4. fantastic. i am waiting for more reviews on kannada movies from u:):)  i expect a blog post on puneeth rajkumar movies too:) coz i am a hardcore fan of appu:) 


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