Flavours of Jaipur

If you have liked my Facebook Page or are following me on Twitter then you for sure know that I had a great time discovering various awesome eating joints in the north of India. This post is dedicated to my Jaipur trip and some must dos and must haves in Jaipur.


Yes, I visited Jaipur and yes, I visited it with my partner in crime!! So, I’m sure that taking a guess on what we mostly did is definitely not difficult. We ate, slept, visited places, ate again and slept again (oops.. we also battled with the urge of staying away from work while on a holiday and failed miserably!). We had done our research on places to eat and places to visit in Jaipur. A college friend of mine, Yasha, was living in Jaipur. I had called her and taken a dope of what all to do even before we left. Sometimes speaking to the locals adds greater value than just googling about it. So, the agenda was pre-decided. Here’s where I would recommend you eat  if you are to visit Jaipur with the same agenda as ours


1) Le Meridien:

We were staying at Le Meridien which was way outside the city. We decided on this purely because the place looked gorgeous and palatial. It made us feel like we also had some royal lineage in us to boast of. However, we never expected it to serve good food. But we were wrong. They have various restaurants and yes, all of them serve awesome food.


What we liked the most –

Nasi Goreng Wok Fried Rice with Prawns – Apparently was heavenly


Pasta Alfredo – Simply awesome

The buffets

The property – Magnanimous and larger than life



Dark Chocolate Mousse with Ice Cream



What we disliked –

Dahi ke kebab – It seemed sweet and bland. Somehow, I remember having had better ones in Bangalore.

Dahi Kebab

Miniature Margherita Pizza – The base seemed stale


2) Chokhi Dhani

It’s an awesome place to visit and an ideal destination for a tourist visiting Rajasthan. Located near Sanganer, it offers its visitors a spectacular representation of the state.  A village resort, Chokhi Dhani, reflects the culture and tradition of Rajasthan through its architecture, food, environment, setting and atmosphere.

What we liked:

Setting & location

Camel ride (a must)

The thali

The experience


Welcome Drink - Hot Rabari

What we disliked:

The overdose of ghee in the meal (just from a calorie perspective J )


3) LMB

It’s probably one of Jaipur’s most reputed eating joints (just like MTR in Bangalore). It is always filled with people and is vibrating with tourist chatter. You can try their Rajasthani Thali if you have not visited or are not planning on visiting to visit Chokhi Dhani. Since, we were done with that, we decided to try our hand at some other food. We had Dum Aloo Jaipuri and you won’t believe how awesome it was!! Please do have it when you visit LMB. We also had some dal and roti. Finally, we picked one of their specials – Kulfa. It’s like this dollop of ice cream dipped in saffron flavored malai (may be condensed milk as well) and topped with dry fruits. It was out of the world. You can also try their sweets and kachoris.


What we liked:


Dum Aloo Jaipuri


What we disliked:

Service is really late and stewards don’t really bother about what the customer wants. If you are in a hurry, then skip the place.


4) Lassi

Ideally, one should try the lassi at Lassiwala on MI Road. I was told that it was the most awesome place in Jaipur to indulge in a large kulhad of cold lassi topped with some rich and thick malai. Let me tell you that it surely was awesome. However, we did try another one at Johri Bazaar and it was decent too. I guess, Jaipur has a lot of these lassi joints that would help you beat the heat. It is a must when you are there.


And here comes the malai!
Kulhads at Lassiwala

5) Handi

Yasha and another man whom we met at the airport had told us to visit Handi on MI Road if we wanted to have some good non-vegetarian food while in Jaipur. And yes, indeed it was great. Yasha had suggested we try out Lal Maas there and apparently it was super awesome. Sunny says that it could give Plan B’s ABS chicken wings a good competition. You can then imagine how spicy it was!! I had some paneer and that was great too. For a south Indian any paneer up north is bound to be good, simply because the paneer there is soft and delicious.


Lal Maas

6) Rawat Sweets

Everybody in Jaipur had suggested that we try out the Mawa Kachori and the Aloo Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat on Station Road. However, it was a big letdown. I completely disliked the Mawa Kachori. I would not recommend it, but yes, if you want to know what the locals like, then you could visit this place.


Do try the road side chat and papad (we had an awesome one near the Jaigarh fort). I’m sure it would be a pleasant indulgence.


So this has been our Jaipur tale. The rest is yet to come.. So do visit the page after a couple days.



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