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Sometimes I myself wonder why did I not write for so long. Well, I have my own reasons for having gone into my hibernation mode. These few months have been challenging, motivating, tough yet exciting. There were good things and bad things that largely constituted my world (no different than yours I’m sure). I guess this blog is dedicated to one of the biggest milestones of my life. Meenakshi Karanth is now officially Mrs. Meenakshi Karanth Saxena!!


The wedding bells rang and we (Sunny and I) chose to ensure that we put everything aside and welcome our BIG day with love and happiness!!! For all of you, who know Sunny, should also know that he is this hugely talented, humble and simple human who brings in huge amount of brightness into my life! Yes, Sunny is probably the most apt name he could have!!


The transition is not as simple as just the change in name. Mind you, the official name and the name on Facebook is still the same.. It’s still Meenakshi Karanth. The hassles associated with changing the name on paper are just too many.. However, life as such has changed immensely; for better. The change in marital status had not sunk for a very long time. Strangely, we never had cold feet, we never felt like running away from the mantap nor did we think there was any change post marriage. I would wonder if there was something functionally wrong with us as everybody who greeted us asked us about these things. Anyway, it finally hit us when we had to fill in a form that asked for us marital status!! Phew, we are MARRIED..


So, the household has been set and among the must have list was my filter coffee kit!! Yes, mornings without filter coffee just put me off. It was among the first few things we bought for the house. Now, both Sunny & I enjoy our dose of filter coffee every morning!! I’m enjoying my experiments in the kitchen and Sunny loves the fact that he is getting pampered and fed!!



Dining out is still a no, considering health is a larger priority now. Movies are happening slowly. So, please do expect regular reviews soon!! Love you all for being patient and waiting for my blog post!! Hugs!!


(P.S: All you newlyweds, please visit www. archanaskitchen.com and try out her recipes.. Mind blowing I must say!! )




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