Filter Coffee Decoction

If there is something I absolutely love and need to indulge in on a daily basis then it has to be my filter coffee.. Coffee at home is made with passion and interest which I guess adds to its flavor and aroma!


Here’s how coffee is made.


What would you need:

1)      Coffee Filter (I have a size 6 at home. That is ideal to make 6 cups of coffee)

2)      Coffee Powder (I use a mix of 20% chicory in my coffee powder. Make sure you check the label when you buy your powder to determine the percentage of chicory in it. If there is no chicory then I refrain from buying the coffee. I guess it doesn’t turn out as strong and has a bitter taste. Without chicory is ideal when it’s consumed as black coffee I guess)

3)      A teaspoon

4)      Saucepan

5)      150 ml boiling water

6)      Milk

7)      Sugar

Making the decoction:

Add 6 teaspoons of the filter coffee powder into the upper chamber of the filter. Even it out.


Next, boil close to 150 ml of water.

Once the water boils just our in enough to wet the entire powder surface.

Close the lid of the filter and keep aside for a couple minutes.

Add the rest of the hot water until it fills up almost 75% of the filter. Close the lid and let the decoction trickle down. Collect this decoction in a glass or container. It would have the same color and consistency as soy sauce.

You can later add a little more water (say upto 15% of the filter) and collect that decoction separately. It would be thinner in consistency and it is something I would only use in emergency situation or when I know that the person is not very particular of how strong and thick the coffee should be.


Making the coffee:

Heat 100 ml boiled milk (I do not use carton milk or the traditional Nandini Goodlife) in a saucepan with 1 teaspoon sugar. Once the milk is warm enough add the thick decoction and allow it to heat a little more. The color of the coffee will help you judge how strong it has turned out. See if that is the color you prefer. If so, then just mix the ingredients together by pouring into a mug couple of times (like metre chai, remember?). That’s how it gets its froth. Finally, serve it in your preferred coffee mug!

(When you buy the filter you notice that they give you a stem like thing that would aid in settling down the powder.

I do not use that as I make my decoction in 2 stages. Since the first stage involves pouring just enough I skip using that. You could use it when you are in a hurry and want to pour in the entire water at one shot)

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