Last week we were mesmerized by Anurag Kashyap’s tale of revenge and this week it’s SS Rajamouli’s Eega!! ‘Oh wow’ – That’s what both, Sunny and me kept saying all through.. Like I tweeted, brilliance is the thought process that thinks like Rajamouli. The film will leave you mesmerized and yes, thinking for hours together on how could somebody not just think of a plot that is so awesome but also execute it!! Hats off!! Yes, I absolutely love Indian cinema!! 😀 😀


Every since I had heard about Eega, I knew I would catch it the week it released. I had multiple reasons – first and foremost, it was Rajamouli’s film. I have loved his films since the days I hardly could follow Telugu. I guess, if today, I love Junior NTR then credit goes to Rajamouli and Yamadonga!! The sets, the production design, the plot just kept getting better with every film of his. And then there came Magadheera! It for me put Telugu cinema on a completely different pedestal. So, I knew I HAD to watch Eega.. Next, the film had Sudeep play the lead male. It was one of his biggest films outside Kannada. Probably his biggest ever. However, I still like to believe his biggest is Sparsha. Third, the plot and concept amused me since the beginning. So, yes, we headed out to watch the film!


Oh my god! What a film. It’s so gripping and engaging that the audience is completely occupied from the beginning till the end. It’s a simple story and could easily go off track if not made the way it was. Credit Credit Credit!! However, I guess there are some missing links. I wonder why certain characters were created and why their tales were left untold, but that’s okay. I would not want to ponder over the faults as the overall experience was so bloody worth it.


For me, there are multiple heroes in the film. The biggest being the director – for his guts and perseverance. Next, yes, Kannada’s very own Kiccha Sudeep!! His timing, performance, expression, costume and character seem to be so well in sync that there is no way one would not like him. Now, I have strong reasons to believe that yes, the star of Sparsha has not lost his way in this rat race. Oh wait. And then there is the super hero  – Eega! It didn’t need the publicity of a Ra.One nor an SRK. It just needed intelligence, faith and detailing!! He is more powerful than any of the stars. He thinks much more than any other. And yes, he is absolutely loveable!! The SFX team deserves a big big kudos here and so does the entire unit. Samantha, Nani and every individual deserves a big pat on their back!!

I hope the film gets the attention and recognition that it deserves. For me, it’s something that has given a new dimension to Indian cinema and has created a new milestone in the history of Indian cinema. My only word – Get off the couch and go and watch the film. NOW!


(P.S: Needless to say, every time Sudeep spoke in Kannada, I jumped up and down!! )

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