Kuch Luv Jaaisa

Rahul Bose brings along with him a certain sensuous quality that is not easily explainable. He’s always set himself aside from the run of the mill actors and has been a great value for money and an even better value for the eye!! With this quality he was paired with Shefali Shah who has been charming and sensuous as well; be it in Satya or opposite Amitabh. I have always loved the two of them. When they came together in Kuch Luv Jaaisa, I expected them to sizzle through the film and create a chemistry that would want everyone to fall in love or stay in love. Imagine, having a boyfriend like Rahul Bose!


Kuch Luv Jaaisa is a classic example of being madly in love or being plain foolish or just planning on ways of converting some black money into losses. Well, yes, produced by Vipul Shah, it stars his wife, Shefali as the leading lady (her first as a leading young lady) and in a dream role that has such major overtones to her character that you cannot even come close to liking Rahul Bose in the film. YES. That’s right. He has been underplayed beyond imagination. Never has he looked so unattractive and seemed like nothing but a mere support cast. Pity us women who would think the movie would have a good plot for obvious reasons that it has Rahul Bose. His pick of films has always been above expectations. Hence seeing him take up such a super horrible one just makes me wonder if he was badly conned by the director and the script. He might have just overrated the script!

Directed by I don’t care who, it’s a tragic tale of an extremely bored housewife and strange criminal. I agree married life can get boring for housewives if they begin to dislike their daily chores, but then, I don’t think one would be so stupid and desperate that they would take such drastic steps. And in between all of this there is Neetu Chandra. Again, if you think at least her oomph factor can do something to you, let me remind you again it has been produced by Shefali’s husband; probably just for her. I don’t even understand why people would take up such roles. All Neetu does is stand in front of the mirror and dance like a super duper loser. Well, it’s a hard try by the director to establish the fact that she is an actress!


Shefali is nice and does look nice and would inspire any housewife to jump in and get back into shape and form. Like an ambassador of Oil of Olay, she comes across as a stunning woman in her 30s once she has her make over. Yes, she can be quite an inspirations to all the women who think ‘nail polish is their friend’!! Nail polish, really? At least the movie says so! Her husband, played by Sumeet Raghavan, has tried his best being the man in his late 30s. Rather, he’s been himself. I’m sure most men are like that! (Ok, this is the feminist in me talking and is not based on any survey. So you are free to differ!!).  It probably mirrors everyone’s mid life crisis situation or mid-marriage crisis situation but the steps taken further are obviously blown out of proportion.

Cinema does not necessarily mean taking an ordinary situation and giving it extra ordinary twists. The movie is a big letdown. A good star cast has been compromised to a rather weak script and an even weaker director (Again, I can’t decide if the script or  the director is a bigger disaster here). But let me tell you, I had a good time laughing while the movie was on by just thinking how could someone get Rahul Bose to take up something like this! There were a couple, ‘Ooooh, Rahul Bose’ moments but they were overshadowed by ‘Aiyyo.. Not again Shefali’ moments! She comes across as annoying at times. However, go and watch it if you have liked either of them and would not really mind watching a rather not-so-nice film. It’s a risk that may be rewarding. You never know!!


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