Plan B

Suffering from a weekday hunger attack or just plain gluttony?

Like chicken wings?

Like burgers?

Like chilled Bengaluru beer?

Or simply like French fries?

If your mind is even thinking about liking any of these questions then you obviously know that the heart is yelling out ‘Yes! Love it’. Go ahead. Shut down the diet conscious part of your brain and simply hit Plan B!


Yes, Plan B is this ideal hangout for anyone who loves to junk on wings, fries and more. Wait, did I say junk? You can choose to avoid that word. Read it as the most awesome place in town if you want to chill over a mug of beer, listen to some good music and eat some good food. Oh yes, you have an ambience that will surely not let you down. There is something raw and true about the place that makes me fall in love with it. The feel of wood, barrels, black boards, bricks and dim lighting makes me go there over and over again.


Now, before I write down all the wonderful things about Plan B, I need to give credit to the person who got me there the first time. My best friend, Nithasha used to always go gaga about this new place on Castle Street. Her brother used to freak out on the chicken wings. She sat down and convinced Sunny and me to go there with her one evening. Well, that was it. After that we have frequented the place; sometimes 2 – 3 times a week.


Plan B has a variety of chicken wings to offer. I guess the safest bet would be the BBQ chicken wings or the garlic ones. Why play safe all the time? They have something called the ABS wings – Ass Burning Spicy wings. It’s for the ones who dare to do things differently. I for sure would not be able to tell you how different or how spicy it is as I do not eat chicken. But then, all my friends have this strange expression on their face when they bite into it once. They say the flavour hits them hard. Plan B also has an ABS challenge on Tuesdays. I guess you get 12 wings for the price of 8. I can tell you hands down that you will not be able to finish the 8 wings basket individually. Never. You will have to alternate it with something else. May be then, you can think of pushing down 4. That’s a challenge they have. See if you can take it!

The place has some major Coorgi inspiration I guess – a lot of pork and dishes from that side. A friend tried pork chops and said it was good. I am a huge fan of their French fries and the garlic mayo dip. The dip is just amazing. Super amazing. I can belt one full serving of French fries and crave for more. The burgers are good as well. I also like the blueberry cheesecake. They have a tender coconut soufflé. Post Naturals, I just would jump in and attempt on trying anything with tender coconut. But, trust me that was a big disaster. It was awful. I could not have more than 2 spoons.

There are some cool sign boards put up all across the place. My favourite is the ‘Ninajji’ one! It brings out the frustration in me and makes me smile every time I stare at it! I wonder what took me so long to write about Plan B.

It’s a must visit in the city. And, yes, do try the ABS. At least you would know how it feels. Go ahead, grab the Tuesday challenge!


One thought on “Plan B

  1. I won the ABS challenge this Sunday. Wanna warn the folks who’re actually planning to go for ABS….DO NOT TRY IT….all the effect of one pitcher of beer was gone wid the first bite of the wing….but yeah, if you have the guts of finishing the basket of 12 in 4mins, you get ur pic on their “wall of fame” and also a Tee with “I survived the Plan B ABS challenge” written on it…..but i must say…DO TRY THIS PLACE!!!


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