Ready – Hmm. Not really..

The Prem of Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun made me fall in love with him. I accept humbly that Salman Khan was my first love. Then the SRK era started and his place was slowly taken by SRK. However, there still is a huge Salman Khan fan inside me who waits to see him sizzle on screen. I wait to see his expressions that seem so effortless but still have the appeal. So, it was obvious that I loved the Character Dheela song from Ready. I was waiting to watch it; waiting with caution. Caution? Yes, I knew it is a remake of a Telugu film which means it would have a large amount of family drama, a host of white cars, irrational fight scenes and some good dancing numbers.


Didn't it look desirable?? :p


Ready also had its downside that would make me wonder if I ever wanted to watch it. The biggest one was Dinka Chika. Yes, it’s inspired by Ringa Ringa. Bloody Preetham did not draw enough inspiration to do justice to the original. Neither was the choreography up to the mark. The costumes were also average. Somehow, I was not really impressed with A-Sin! So, I had my own reasons to watch it and not wanting to watch it.


I still hit the screens. I jumped up and down when I saw that the cinematographer’s name roll in. Sunil Patel, I just finished shooting with him! So, yay, there was joy. Then there was the mighty Salman Khan dancing to Character Dheela. Woah!! I whistled, hooted and cheered when I saw him on big screen.


Scene from the film


Then the story started unfolding itself. Unwanted dialogues and bad comic timing was thrown before me every second minute. Eventually I realized the plot was familiar. Yes, how could it not be. Ready was first remade in Kannada as Ram. And there on I started comparing it every minute. I confess that for the first time I thought Puneeth Rajkumar made me go gaga. I preferred him over Salman. Yes, I did.I loved the songs in Kannada. Remember Hosa Gaana Bajana? Wasn’t it foot tapping and amazing? I loved Priya Mani. The Kannada one was far better than Salman’s Ready. So, the tragedy began there.


I disliked the film and was contemplating if I should walk out a couple of times. Well, a ticket at a multiplex on a weekend is not really inexpensive. Oh, the popcorn and coke makes it worse. I decided that I might as well go through the torture. At least I would be a prouder Kanndiga at the end of it.


If you can follow Kannada, I request to watch Ram and Ready, in the order of your choice. Trust me; at the end of it, you would end up saying, ‘Thuu. Ready Ninajji’ . That is what my dad and me kept repeating a few times!


Look at this nonsense


For those who cannot follow Kannada just go with 0 expectations. May be Salman will be able to hold the film together for you. One might think it’s watchable. For me, it was horrible. Watch it at your own risk and for the sake of your love towards Salman. I strongly feel the team has underestimated the intelligence of the audience. Just Salman Khan is of no good. You need some good direction, dialogues, stunt scenes and choreography. That has always been the essence of any Salman film. They just let the standards deteriorate completely. For me, Ready was a mistake.


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